Saturday, March 24, 2012

Prepping In Kwanstain Gears Up


Anonymous said...

Keith ? ... well done

You've now marked your family and self for scavengers.

Excellent self-absorbed douchiosity

Anonymous said...

BBC moron "science" writer claims scientific progress not the work of people working alone but "collaborative", and that crediting lone geniuses is because "we like to invent heroes", lists LHC as "collaborative" effort example (although he fails to explain how it contributed to any scientific progress).

Andhaira said...

Hmm, honestly these Kwan preppers are wasting their time and money. Instead of spending all that money on stuff that will quickly run out in case of an emergency, and make them a target by mobs, and ofcourse all that assuming they can get to their shelter when whatever shit is gonna hit the fan does hit, these folks should just get a one way ticket to an out of the way place that won't be on the hit list of Russia's nukes.

I suggest some place warm, yet Liberal enough for Kwans, like Morocco.

Anonymous said...

It is vital to the modern politically approved groupthink to destroy the notion of individuals being able to change the world, that their opinions will matter, that their ideas will have any effect, etc.

This is their way of removing responsibility from the leadership "it ain't our fault as everyone knows one man can't do nothin anyway!", weaking the resolve of the public to do anything to solve the problems of the day for the same reason "we can't do anything but go with the flow, bro!", and lastly it undermines the value and worth of any potential "heroes" in politics, science or industry. Rather than credit and value such individuals they will be ignored or tossed on the garbage pile.

This is the behaviour that you can expect during the self destructive end cycle. You don't get Leonardo or Newton, you get globalwarmthink and people digging their own graves.

Texas Arcane said...

The government is threatened by individuals who are independent because it represents the counterargument to their acquiring total control over everything.

The government needs to convince people they have zero capacity to look after themselves. They must be portrayed as pink, moist-skinned grubs that cannot provide even the basic needs of life without a central planning committee or oversight. According to them it is impossible even to wipe one's own ass because this would mean there is one job left the government can't do for them. (Which precludes them keeping a dime of their own income for themselves, of course.)

Anonymous said...

I have a theory about Neanderthal diet that explains their musculature/strength, dense bones, lightly worn teeth, why they had whistles and flutes, why they liked caves, why their barbeque pits are filled with the remains of predatory animals, and why they had stored food to see them through ice ages, supervolcanos, and every natural disaster for hundreds of thousands of years.

Neanderthals were cheese eaters.

We know the Neanderthal diet was 70%-90% animal protein, but that doesn't have to be all meat. Dairy products are a "renewable" source of that animal protein.

You can't get dense bones without the raw-material that makes them - the calcium carbonate in milk.

Today's closest analog of Neanderthals, power lifters and body builders, eat huge amounts of milk derived whey and casein protein powders (see Jamie Lewis's diet at [NSFW]

You rickets-riddled Neanderthal in the London museum still had dense bones and large muscles and a diet of animal protein even though he never went outside to hunt or fish.

To age cheese, you need temperature and humidity controlled areas. Caves are natural refrigerators for aging cheese. Nomadic hunters and gatherers don't need to store food in caves, they need to be able to follow the herds. Besides, meat doesn't keep long in refrigeration - you need to be able to freeze it.

The origin of cheese making is unknown and milk fermentation is widespread throughout Eurasia, from the French to the Mongols.

Having caves filled with aging cheese means that if there is a natural calamity, the Neanderthals can go inside and have fondue parties until the nasty weather blows over.

Neanderthals have lightly worn teeth from eating a diet of mostly soft foods. Cheese is a soft food.

Wrestling prey animals to the ground is a stupid way to hunt. But, you will have rodeo clown-esque injuries from being in close contact with large animals if you need to maneuver the animals into milking stalls or breeding corrals.

Neanderthal's fire pits often contain the remains of predatory animals like cave bears, saber-tooth tigers, and wolverines. Predatory animals taste bad. But it makes sense to feast on them if you are clearing a cave of threats for cheese storage or a woodland of threats for grazing herds.

As mentioned in many places, whistles and flutes are key tools for animal herding. Being able to herd animals is important if you need a steady milk supply.

Indian elephants, the closest relatives of mammoths, can produce up to 10 gallons of milk a day (

Neanderthal-descended sapians are known to have better future-time orientation that non-Neanderthal descendants. Elephants (and presumably mammoths) have a nearly two year gestation period. It takes good planning to mate a mammoth that would only start to produce milk two-years later.

Cheese can be eaten by people who are lactose intolerant.

Last, cheese making is easy to stumble upon. Transforming milk into cheese requires rennet and an acid. Rennet comes from animal stomachs - as does an acid. Milk stored in an animal stomach will shortly become cheese.

So, what do you think? Are you going to install cheese shelves in your shelter instead of mold-producing grow-ponics?

-Melonhead Anon 6:51

Texas Arcane said...

Melonhead, that is so brilliant I just sat here reading it about six times. I think you may have just cracked the herder problem.

Seriously, it is people like you who should be tenured anthropologists. You have a real gift for it. That is such a mind-blowing hypothesis you just put forward.

This explains how they could take up the craft of animal husbandry and herding without having a lactose gene and practice it for countless thousands of years before the fortuitous mutation happened to occur. They could always eat the cheese which is a form of predigested dairy product because of the enyzmes used to curdle it. Cheese is muscle building, high calorie food with lots of fat in it.

Rather than just plagiarize it, would you mind if I used this idea in my book? It's a game changer for explaining certain aspects of Neanderthal life.

Honestly, I had never thought of this until you said it.

Texas Arcane said...

I've been trying to think of a good title for my book ... "The Third Hominid," or maybe "Children of Enkidu," but now I am contemplating "Victory Through Cheese Making."

Texas Arcane said...

Oh, wow ... this blows the orthodoxy away if the contradictions of "big game nocturnal hunter" suddenly change into "24 Hour Watchman protecting his herds."

You combine this with my "Watchman" ideas and it becomes obvious that Neanderthals would routinely kill big predators stalking their precious animal herds. They could eat the result and create safe zones for their animals at the same time.

Texas Arcane said...

Awesome ...

Brain is spinning ...

There goes the rodeo clown hypothesis that they were just showing off to girls ...

They were wrestling aurochs that weighed a quarter ton so somebody could milk them or to put them in corrals. They'd sustain frequent injuries in these duties that explain all that bruising and occasional fracturing.

Anonymous said...

...hence the origin of the phrase "cheese eating surrender monkeys".

Texas Arcane said...

Brings an all new meaning to the spanking new Neanderthal paradigm making the rounds about "the second mouse being the one that gets the cheese."

Anonymous said...

But aren't extreme atomization and individualism even more likely to be the agents of Ragnarok/Kali Yuga? Doesn't acting on impulse, anarchically and without a script threaten more the fabric of society based on moral rules, values, customs and ideals that were drawn by the progenitors/founders of a civilization and produced a culture which effectively allowed it to replenish its deposit in each generation with individuals such as Leonardo or Newton? Thus, without some basic form of coercion and collective spirit, drawn from tradition, you cannot have exceptional individuals either.

Here's an interesting related article which at one point makes an analogy similar to the one in the recent article linked by Vault-co about the cooperators, defectors and jokers (naming them drones, rogues and tyrants/protectors respectively):

Rowan said...

Love the cheese theory. Look all around the world at bovine herders and you'll notice they primarily consume the dairy rather than the meat. Secondly, they nearly always ferment the milk into butter, yoghurt and cheese. As someone who's lactose intolerant I have no problems with butter, cheese and real yoghurt.

Why do Neanderthals stay in the same place? Their herds are managed and can live on the same pasture year after year. Hunters on the other hand are nomadic. Who's more likely to be introverted, a long distance hunter or someone who watches a herd day after day in the same valley? Is wrestling your prey not the kind of tactic a herder would use? Lying in wait for a predator?

Butter and cheese are some of the richest sources of calcium, phosphorus and vitamin k2, the key nutrients in bone formation. Cheese is also high in fat, the best energy source and provides a high amount of complete protein.

Also a small wheel of cheese fried with bacon is delicious.

Does Melonhead come here in peace?

Koanic said...

I think you should call it, "Cain and Abel."

Koanic said...

So now we know what the mark of Cain is - white skin.

Koanic said...

Lol, there's now a second Tex.

I can imagine how melonheads would run things.

Frankly, the level of intelligence is scary.

Koanic said...

Tex, you have all the pieces now. It's time to go direct with your black skin hypothesis.

It brings everything together, and it's the key to gaining an order of magnitude or two greater popularity potential, by coralling in all the racists.

You can go big. Do it.

The new synthesis.

Koanic said...

...and I just learned a great deal about my own psychology and approach to sports by realizing that I'm descended from people who looked at mammoths and said, "Mmm, I'm gonna milk that @#$@#$."

Plus, the whole sit in a cave all winter eating cheese and dreaming.

Texas Arcane said...

When you think about energy investments in cold climates you will see just how hard it could be to rely solely on hunting.

If you kill an animal, you can only eat it once. If you raise it on protected lands, milk it every day and eat dairy products you are conducting the sort of wise energy investments of time and effort that will allow you to cruise through Ice Ages. You'll have a surplus which will make you successful even when times are unexpectedly harsh, you suffer losses of animals, your animals are hit by disease or climate caused deaths.

As mentioned, meat has to be frozen or dried. Cheese merely has to be kept cool and caves would have many ideal places to store it where it would be extremely cold year round. Cheese doesn't spoil because of humidity, in fact some cheeses are cultured better in humid air.

It's extremely high yield low tech. It makes me think I should store more cheeses.

Texas Arcane said...

I don't know if this melonhead is benevolent or not.

I have tried to keep the slaves in order in your absence, your excellence.

You have to know the history of the Neanderthal fringe for the past 150 years.

Every time somebody said the evidence points overwhelmingly to Neanderthals being herders, there's always a wise guy who asks how they could invest that kind of effort in the lifestyle required if they don't have a lactose gene. People have had awkward silences trying to answer that question for over a century.

So we have had colossal loads of evidence that the Neanderthals were herders and this little sticking point was the only real objection raised by people who want to credit all these things to Homo Sapiens for subconscious motives. If they don't have that to fall back on, there's a tsunami of hard evidence to show Neanderthals domesticated half the animals on the planet including dogs and horses.

Anonymous said...

Awe come on... In your opinion we are racists. You are just saying that because we are White. Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.

I just read part of your blog, about your girlfriend being your slave. You are a manipulative, sick little puppy, aren't you?

I am betting you are liberal, as well as anti-White, correct?

Liberals are always demented and they are always anti-White, without exception.

Oh and I just scanned down the other entries and noticed the same pattern:

No comments, no comments, no comments...

So no one is interested in what you have to say here, or anywhere else.

Anonymous said...

Did somebody say Pastoral nomads?!?

"The more I study history though, the more I realize that hunter-gatherer lifestyles are mostly of importance in evolutionary prehistory, not in history proper. If you think about history proper, a different lifestyle, pastoral nomadism, starts to loom large, and its influence on the course of human history is grossly underestimated. This is partly because civilizations and pastoral nomad cultures have a figure-ground relationship. You need to understand both to understand the gestalt of world history."

Anonymous said...


Herders don't wrestle their prey, they herd their prey.

If they aren't stalking an animal for the fun of it, i.e. they're clearing an area of predators, they do things like circle hunts:

-Melonhead Anon 6:51

Solsys said...

Impressed as well by the coherence of the "dairy farmer" / herder theory.

Koanic said...

Anon, I find the fact that you attempted to read part of my blog not at all threatening, as you manifestly lack the capacity to comprehend anything I write.

Koanic said...

Seriously though Tex, the misfire from the manbot above is exactly the sort of legion you can recruit if you just start explicitly saying sapiens = black.

Any movement, at some point, is going to need some monkies.

Recruitment is probably the wrong word to appeal to you, so think of it this way:

They're going to rout that other group at some point soon, so why not upgrade their spears? That's what neanderthals do - invent technology that gets appropriated.

Anonymous said...

What if the melonheads captured and raped the neanderthal women to get their numbers up and that's where white people came from.

Anonymous said...

March 26, 2012 2:20 PM
"you manifestly lack the capacity to comprehend anything I write."

You think very highly of yourself, don't you anti-White? lol

Well you are self deluded, because objective reality says, no one else thinks highly of your scrawls either:

"No comments, no comments, no comments..."

As for your justifications for viewing your girlfriend as your slave, and repulsive justifications is all they are...

Perhaps you suffer from some form of psychopathy?

Or more likely, you are just a garden variety, scum bag liberal, with no moral compass, because essentially you are narcissistic.

The 9 Characteristics of Narcissism

1. An exaggerated or grandiose sense of self importance that isn’t supported by reality.

Texas Arcane said...

If the melonheads had been the second half of the equation there's no way modern people could possibly be that stupid. They'd have genes from two bright races of people.

The only thing that explains them is a union of vegetables with supermen, yielding super vegetables.

Anonymous said...

Once they were out of the ice age, the lack of natural selection pressures allowed genetic drift, maybe?

Koanic said...

I find it impressive that you still haven't figured out that I am a pro-white racist.

Anonymous said...

What is a "pro white racist?" Please explain. I hear they exist, every day on the msm,cable tv and network prime time televitz, yet have never actually met one.
Enlighten us with your vast knowledge.

Anonymous said...

What is a "pro white racist?" Please explain. I hear they exist, every day on the msm,cable tv and network prime time televitz, yet have never actually met one.
Enlighten us with your vast knowledge.

Koanic said...

A racist is one who believes certain races are inherently superior to others.

Pro means supports the interests of.