Thursday, March 1, 2012

Political Correctness/Postmodernism Does A Massive Faceplant And Leaves A Crater Behind

After decades of being on the fringe, you would think this moves me inside the sanity circle now. But you'd be wrong.

I believe in an even more radical theory - that the Solutreans/Clovis people were Neanderthals escaping genocide in Europe. This means that Neanderthals had survived long after historians believed they had perished.

You will hear anthropologists discuss the "remarkable robustness" of the Clovis people, including their thick bones and powerful ligaments ... but they cannot admit they were Neanderthals when it is so obvious they were. Amongst other things they were slightly taller than modern people which is forbidden to associate with Neanderthals because it might then lead one to learn about the Amud.

Obviously, Europeans have dominated the planet for at least 50,000+ years. They are not the "newcomers" anywhere. It is everybody else who is kind of a spinoff of varying degrees, not the other way around.

Incidentally, before the culture wars started shortly after Kennedy was assassinated in 1963, this theory was called "diffusion" and it had been widely held for over 200 years or more. This was also the year I was born. It became politically forbidden to speak of shortly thereafter like the bulk of all serious science and inquiry.


Anonymous said...

Take a look at this Tex.

They are whacking journalists, that expose them now.

Anonymous said...

First the anti-Whites lost the Pyramids, now they have lost north America as well.

For the last 50 years, they have been waging war on our existence and for the first time in 50 years, they are losing badly.

Anonymous said...

I've been waiting for someone to do some DNA testing on a Clovis body for a damn long time. I'm really interested in what it will reveal.

Anonymous said...

Two recent articles supportive of seafaring neanderthals. If in fact, neanderthals were hunting seals and using boats, crossing the Atlantic along the southern pack ice front would largely be a matter of persistence. The more remote possibility is that for thousands of years both neanderthals and later European hybrids were so incurious and fearful as to not explore the pack ice front. Preferring instead to passively starve despite the seal population and ability to hunt them.

Oldest identified neanderthal art, 42,000 year old painting of seals.

Neanderthals in the Mediterranean.

Texas Arcane said...

The entire framework of modern bolshevist science and the only paradigm we are permitted to hold is that all the other races of the Earth are ancient, but Europeans are just recent newcomers, some sort of anomaly that popped out onto the planet in the last couple of years and has no claim to anything on it.

Unfortunately, all the evidence points overwhelmingly in favor of the exact opposite conclusion : Europeans are the ancient, ubiquitous ones. If there is any diversity worth preserving it is Europeans, the tiniest minority in the world everywhere except in their own countries. To say otherwise is horribly prejudiced and driven by selfish private motives to which so many will not admit.

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Anonymous said...

Traces of european settlements appear all around the world, apparently. However long their footprint was in the Americas, whether they disappeared because of drastic change in environment or extermination, they tried to reach beyond their grasp.

White civilization is dying today because it has become so successful. One can talk of Cultural Marxists causing all sorts of problems, but parasites only succeed when the host is not strong enough to kill them off.

When it suffers total collapse, from the ashes, it will rise again.

Anonymous said...

have you seen anything of white people being in new zealand way before any maori turned up?

Ghostwriter said...

PC is one of the deadliest and most disgusting diseases ever to have plagued us. The sooner its gone the better. But anyway iv been meaning to ask u Tex ; who / what is that dude in your Avatar, and where is it from !? : )

Anonymous said...

White Teenager Set On Fire

“This is what you deserve. You get what you deserve, white boy,”

Note: Strangely enough, the SPLC hasn’t commented on the story.

Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.

Texas Arcane said...

Ghostwriter -

That's a portrait from my RPG game "Grimoire" which has been "in development" since before the discovery of fire.

The Pilgrim said...

Tex 9:25

You really hit the nail on the head with that post.

The whole anti-white movement is based upon the premise that white people introduced the whole "social contruct" of racism to all the other races on the planet--who before we arrived were blissfully unaware of race and were living in a diverse, rainbow utopia without borders.

When you point out how patently absurd their stance is, and show them actual historical, verifiable evidence which utterly rebukes their position, their only retort is to call you a Nazi or redneck and accuse you of "hate speech" (thought crime).

Having gone through the torment and brainwashing that is public schule, I didn't see any of this for most of my I see it everywhere and so clearly. It really is like stepping out of the Matrix.

Anonymous said...

Tex- not sure if you saw this yet:

Anonymous said...

The Maori did have a legend of finding NZ populated by a fair skinned, red haired people that preceded them.

Maori have always spoken of a race of fair skinned people who preceded them. They called them "Patu-paiarehe" or Turehu, and some still trace a shared lineage. In 1867, a Ngati Whatua Tohunga (historian) stated that the Ngati Whatua came to New Zealand from the Cook Islands nine generations earlier, making landfall at a place called Hatarau (Little Barrier Island). Arriving there they encountered a race of fair haired people with fair skin and green blue eyes, whom they named PAKEHA . They took the women to breed from - the males as slaves and food.
Here’s a description of them from Maori oral history: "Generally speaking, Ngati Hotu were of medium height and of light colouring. In the majority of cases they had reddish hair.

Anonymous said...

Gene Simmons 'Gentiles are for manual labor'

Rowan said...

Hey Tex, can I ask how a high protein/high fat diet affects your body-building results?

Anonymous said...

These are the people Obama and Hillary Clinton, murdered Gaddafi for.

Islamists rampage British World World War II cemetery in Benghazi (Libya)

Anonymous said...

Video: CIA Asset Susan Lindauer Speaks 10 years after 9-11

Ghostwriter said...

I see :D cool. Thats a good looking character and it fits the "Neanderthal-Superman" ..thing visually.

Texas Arcane said...

Rowan -

It works amazingly well in combination with proper sleep and rest.

I am sleeping better than ever, I have been getting an average of 6-7 hours a night for three months, definitely an improvement but not out of the woods yet.

I am still recovering from my back injury, avoiding the squat at present, but I am certain the high protein/high fat speeds recuperation and healing in people of the right ancestry.

On Friday night I was doing machine curls with 92KG (202LBs) for 14 reps and overhead press with 120KG (224KG) for 9 reps. I have started to come back a little since my injury. I am trying hard not to get injured again.

The night before I injured my back on the leg extension I had probably slept only 3-4 hours and I am sure this had something to do with the injury.

To sleep I am taking about 800mg of Niacin with L-Carnitine in liquid form and as long as I don't drink caffeine during the day (always a muscle killer even with enough sleep) I seem to be drowsy when the flush wears off. This appears to be super effective for insomnia and therefore highly conducive to anabolic growth even at the age of 50 once I am getting enough rest.

There's another 50 year old who trains occasionally at my gym - he looks both senile and so frail he can only use lady bell handweights. I look about 19 years old standing beside him or younger. He actually dropped one of the handweights last week and when I caught it in mid-air before it hit the floor he said "I used to be as quick as that when I was your age, sonny. You'll be as slow as me someday." He didn't know I was the same age he was.

Anonymous said...

Neanderthals were the first seafarers, and the first settlers in the Greek islands:

Anonymous said...

Glitchy Rabbit-Anti-racism is a code word for anti-White

Texas Arcane said...

Notice how they are still portraying them with the dog muzzle faces and six inch brows, despite more and more evidence that they didn't look like that at all.

99% of all portrayals of Neanderthals are based on the manufactured rickets-ravaged skeleton of a century old man who had never seen sunlight posted in the front hall of the British Museum of Natural history for 150 years or thereabouts, now mysteriously removed after over a century of controversy.

Already struggling to avoid the topic of genocide at all costs, they still want to humiliate their victims by portraying them as less "gracile" than themselves (whatever that really means) despite the evidence that all their good looking people get their genes from Neanderthals.

Stronger bones in the head and face better support muscles on top of them and symmetry was more pronounced in Neanderthal DNA than human DNA by a huge margin.

Anonymous said...

This evidence confirms your main article link about Neanderthals in America and that the American continent has been "discovered" many times throughout history and prehistory. Especially repulsive was the scienmajific type in the article trying to explain away the fact that Neanderthals had boats and sailed tens of thousands of years before Sapiens, by claiming that they "swum from the mainland".

Anonymous said...

Novelist Kurt Vonnegut warned of the PC police decades in advance. Vonnegot was not a guy with an agenda, nor any axe to grind. Just an old school, the truth will out, foot soldier who reported what he saw, and out of humanity did so with all the humor he could muster. Read the curious case of Harrison Bergeron and the Handicapper General and appreciate how far in advance an honest mind can see. He described political correctness well before it even had a name.

Anonymous said...

Novelist Kurt Vonnegut warned of the PC police decades in advance. Vonnegot was not a guy with an agenda, nor any axe to grind. Just an old school, the truth will out, foot soldier who reported what he saw, and out of humanity did so with all the humor he could muster. Read the curious case of Harrison Bergeron and the Handicapper General and appreciate how far in advance an honest mind can see. He described political correctness well before it even had a name.

Anonymous said...

Tex you are in fact a prophet. I never cease to be amazed at when you turn out to be way ahead of the mainstream of public opinion. I suppose the price of such augury is to be regarded as a little crazy your entire life. Seems like a small price to pay I wish I was as astute at seeing thru the bullshite.

Anonymous said...

They have been lying to us all by the way Tex was right about these people the neanderthals. They must have known they were all lying at some point I doubt the ruse could go on this long without some knowing it was false information.

Anonymous said...

cmon lets give the guy a little credit

tex says ancient seafarers were crossing the oceans a hundred thousand years ago, a few months later the media confirms it with new discoveries. Sounds like a hit to me that one. Whether a lucky fool or just a mad prophet tex got this one right.

Anonymous said...

Malta was a melonhead outpost 4000 years ago. The elongated skulls were discovered in the subterranean complex of the Hypogeum in Hal Saflienti, a place of worship dedicated to the Mother Godess and associated with a serpent priesthood and serpent worship.

The amazing Hypogeum of Hal Saflienti:

Archaelogists speculate that the skulls found among 7000 skeletons belonged to this serpent priesthood, who they believe to have belonged to a different race of people.

From there, based on the work of British archaeologist Walter B. Emery, they are shown to be identical with a race of "people" found in predynastic Egypt, but not considered to be of local origin, that was taller and with bigger skulls than the local population and performed administrative and governmental duties. They are associated with the Shemsu Hor (Followers of Horus) mentioned in the Turin papyrus and also by Manetho, the historian who lived during the Ptolemaic period.

They were not the only ones though and different strains were to be found throughout the entire middle east:

"It concerns, in our opinion, not divinities in the strict sense, but individuals in sacerdotal or shaman expression, belonging to a highly developed and profoundly wise culture that had relationships with lesser-organized societies of the period. Its members were considered as "half-gods" for the knowledge they possessed, just like in Egypt with the Shemsu Hor. Analogous viper-faced statues of mother goddesses are found in the land of the Nile, dating back exactly from the archaic period of the Shemsu Hor. It can be therefore concluded that these serpent-priests were the most ancient race that first occupied the fertile half-moon area (particularly Anatolia and Kurdistan) and Egypt (following migrations dating back 6000-4000 B.C.) until reaching Malta to disappear around 2500 B.C. but this culture survived in the Middle East and probably included one of the most famous and yet mysterious pharaohs of Egypt. It concerns the Mithans and the pharaoh Akhenaton."

It looks like Thulsa Doom and his serpent cult that had "relationships" (ruled) with "lesser-organized societies" (Sapiens slaves) existed after all.

Texas Arcane said...

Amazing comment and fantastic synchronicity.

I had a coffee table pictorial book with pictures of the skulls and the interior of the Hypogeum I bought in a private estate collection in Manhattan in 1990. This looked like some kind of special run, limited edition book like you might see on sale in a museum shop or in a university except I did not recognize the publisher label - and I sold all kinds of books.

I read this book and pored over the pictures for about two months and then went to sell it because I needed the money. I put it out about ten minutes before a well-heeled guy in an expensive coat glanced at it on my table, pulled out a $100 bill and told me to keep the change, when I had a sticker on it reading $80 which I was fully prepared to negotiate. He put it inside the coat and walked away without even glancing at the interior. I never forgot it or the way he acted and besides that was the easiest sale I ever made. Normally a coffee table book at that price might sit on my table for weeks or even months before selling.

I never, ever forgot the pictures of the elongated skulls inside and this contributed enormously to my theory of a third race of hominids which I dubbed melonheads.

Djanar said...

Interesting story about the book, Tex. Could you you recall if it were written by a "Sir Themistocles Zammit"? There are many books written about the Hypogeum and its counterparts in Malta by this scholarly gentleman who had personally taken over the excavations of these sites more than a century ago. A Book about that particular site might not exactly be the NECRONOMICON level of obscure tome of secret knowledge you'd think it was but what is really fishy here is the obfuscation of the damn pictures of the priesthood's skulls. It is said that they have only remained in the Museum of Archeology in Malta for a ridiculously short time. They were then taken away to an "unknown location" shortly after they were unearthed from the underground temple. The few pictures taken by a few photographers are all that remains and the only way to see them is having access to the few old books they were printed on. At least there is that one picture on the net which has this skull which is clearly more than "a little dolichocephalic".

A 29-pages book by this 19th century Archaeologist/historian/doctor/academic/writer/Knight of Malta dude that is most likely to include the pictures of the skulls is completely unavailable on the Amazon and the publisher is of course sine nomine. Heh, maybe this was your book, Tex! :)

This one is available for cheap though so I think I'm going to be getting that one! The publisher is the University of Michigan Library (January 1, 1910).

These "Melonheads" seem to have quite a bit of Cro-Magnon features. I think you might be selling the Cro-Magnon a little too short, Tex. There might be more to them than what meets the eye. Surely you must have heard about the theories on the Atlantis and the Cro-Magnon connection. Have you been reading that "Frontiers of Anthropology" blog I've linked to here a few months ago?

Texas Arcane said...

It was definitely Zammit, no question about it. This book was thicker than 29 pages, I remember it being about an inch thick with full color plates throughout.

Texas Arcane said...


Codexian identified. Tranny neutralized. You've got your own board to post on, go away. I don't blame you for coming here, but I'm afraid you must leave.

Your random comments are not on topic and are not desired here. Maybe after I have deleted a couple more thousand of them you will get the idea.

Anonymous said...

In regards to high protein/high fat diets, I have my own experience as of late.

I completely cut wheat for six weeks so far. My cardiovascular function has improved tremendously. I've also decided to cut grains in general as well.

I think that Atkins was right in a lot of ways, but cutting fruits and vegetables is extreme somewhat. There should be a distinction between good carbohydrates and bad ones.

I've been eating all of the fruit and vegetables I want, and I've still lost weight.

Anonymous said...

"I completely cut wheat for six weeks so far. "

Yeah I did the same last year and felt much better, more settled and able to think more clearly.

The problem with wheat, is it is high GI, so it is not satisfying and you want to eat, until your stomach is over full.

I replaced wheat with low GI, brown rice, (though even that puts on the weight), so I have no more than 1/4 cup of rice (measured dry), per day.

I also dumped fluoride toothpaste in the last two weeks, so I will report on my experiences with that in the long term,. I don't have a rainwater tank, but I would really like to cut fluoridated water out as well.

Anonymous said...

I don't have a rainwater tank, but I would really like to cut fluoridated water out as well.

any beverages using municipal water are a source of fluoride too ie beers and reconstituted fruit juices.