Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Planet Is Shaking and Quaking

7.6 in Mexico at same time a big one was rocking on the other side. Clearly there is planetwide readjustment going on in the core all the time now. How soon before supervolcano blows and blots out the sun for the next ten years? Would have to be right around the corner.

Daily from around the globe there are reports of strange shrieking, loud booms, horrible groaning and eerie grinding roars. The geological centers change but the phenomenon remains the same.


Anonymous said...

This is updated every 30 mins so I don't know if it'll look the same when you check it.
But currently almost every Seismogram is black with lines from top to bottom!

Anonymous said...

And here's is the explanation of the weird phenomena in the Midwest. Massive geological upheaval taking place: