Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Planet Doesn't Need Kwanstainia Anymore

... or their bogus zogbux fake currency. The question is, will the Kwa do the right thing and crawl off, eat sh*t and die? Or will they go out in a grand ragnarok?

I think everybody on the planet knows the answer to that question.


Anonymous said...

So Kwanzania is trying to pick up a fight with a nation that if half its population sneezes it will wipe it from the face of the earth. And with another nation that its nuclear capabilities, air defense systems and scientific outlook are equal or even surpass that of the US. With both at the same time. I have serious
doubts if America could win a war against only one of them, let alone both.

I know that there is not a sane person left in the administration, but aren't there any high ranking military officers that are bit concerned that their nation is headed towards annihilation? Surely among them there must
be people who are not Rothschild stooges and only love America and they aren't willing to sacrifice the country for some not clearly defined, mysterious, Talmudic world domination scheme coming out of a comic book. They would go along when the targets were the likes of Iraq of Afghanistan. But this is entirely different.

Kwanstain IS planning a first strike against Russia and the purpose of the missile defense is to neutralize Russia's ability to hit back. If anyone doubts that the Kwanstain is not building up for a first strike and how it will neutralize a counter-strike he has no clue of what kind of people are running the US today and what their goal is. By installing in as many European countries as possible the missile defense system they hope that much of the retaliation will be targeted against these countries - another proof that America sees its "allies" as future giant sponges that absorb Russian nukes. Whoever trusts the Kwanstain and facilitates its policy their ass is asking for it. Russians are aware of all this of course. How do Kwanzanians think they'll take it? Sit back and enjoy the fireworks? There will be a Polish missile crisis and this time there is no Kennedy in the White House. Better take cover because the sky is about to be torched.

Anonymous said...

US double standards on sanctions make China furious:

Anonymous said...

Russia unveils most ambitious space program ever. On the contrary Kwanstein, once a proud pioneer of space exploration that filled its population with hope and a sense of mission, has abandoned any effort that could be beneficial to the human species to focus exclusively in destroying the world with war and debt.

Anonymous said...

Russia threatens with "unspecified response" over missile shield:

Great article on US's failed policy towards Russia:

Anonymous said...

The Russian-Chinese axis is getting bigger and stronger, soon to incorporate Pakistan and Iran:

Kwanzanians think themselves as indispensable. China and the rest of the world do not agree:

Anonymous said...

The most dangerous predator is the one that knows it is past its prime.

Anonymous said...

anon 5:38

This is a fact that really deserves emphasis.

One of the things that most defined America was space exploration. It was akin to sea exploration for the British and Spanish at the peak of their empires. So the fact that they have completely put an end to it--and replaced actual exploration with some Ptolemaic, theoretical gibberish about dark matter and invisible strings--should by itself be a clear sign to everyone the the Kwa is passed its use-by date, and the only sensible thing is to put it out of its misery like Ol' Yeller, before it embarrasses itself any further.

KWJ said...

That's the best image ever.
America as Ol' Yellow, snarling at shadows and pissing on the lounge room carpet before it takes a shit in its own food bowl and blames the mice.

Anonymous said...

"and replaced actual exploration with some Ptolemaic, theoretical gibberish about dark matter and invisible strings"

That's post-modernism. The end of actual progress and its replacement with simulacra. Ragnarok always follows such periods. What Nietzsche prophesized.

Post-modernism = Religion of the Antichrist.