Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Oz Turns Into Hellish Sci-Fi Dystopia

Tell me about how bad those Nazis were again. Right.

A brief survey conducted at lunch revealed to me that my son and I may be the only people on Australian soil who have read Orwell or Huxley.

Seriously, how can somebody think they have earned a college degree without reading any Orwell? What are these creatures? Animal, mineral or vegetable? They are so vacuous there is nothing left there to be angry at.

Gilliard is a bad spirit from gehenna. I would bet you dollars to donuts you will find that depraved, sallow bony barren creature creeping in the shadows behind this legislation, her frizzy greasy red hair spiking like a bridge troll. Stop her, Australia, it can't get much worse than this.


Anonymous said...

This article disturbed me to the core, there is no logical way to comrehend this legislation or the creatures that are behind it.
The madness of the endtimes indeed.

Anonymous said...

...and public eugenics returns, rested and refreshed, after barely 40 years of hibernation.

The "voluntary" brain surgery is new, though. While they're at it, they could install GPS and RFID implants, "for the benefit of first responders".

But that's crazy talk.

Anonymous said...

This is pure Stalinist or Hitlerian HELL being unleashed. Does no one even read about history any more? History and fictional warnings based on it are all beyond the grasp or memory of the modern majority. I think this has either been carefully crafted to be so in order to gain power or it has been allowed to slide as the overflowing media toilet and the woeful educational systems wash away such sound thinking and lessons the power hungry parasites take advantage as anything in nature would when a niche appears.

Anonymous said...

New York Prostitution Ring Provided Minors For Wealthy Elites:

Anonymous said...

Look on the bright side, Tex. If the nukes did start raining down then at least you know it isn't going to destroy anything you'd miss.

Anonymous said...

March 7, 2012 1:35 AM

Logically, you can't have a "Hitlerian Hell", in forced multiracial societies, where the establishment are trying to genocide White people.

Saying that indicates your stupidity, or you are yet another anti-White Jew, spreading mass media brainwashing propaganda, to keep Whites down.

Anyone I see rabbiting on about Hitler online, I now assume is a Zionist Agent, because no one else cares about Nazis.

BTW, has anyone noticed the dark irony of Zionists, whining about long dead Hitlers, while they genocide the Palestinians?

For White and Normal folks to understand this story, see what the Commies did to the White people of the Ukraine.

10 million Whites exterminated, in the name of their Commie political "science".

They coined a name to describe scientific fraud, because of what they did there. Look up Lysenkoism.

Of course no lefty professor or Jew, will talk about Lysenkoism or Ukraine, because they want it to go down the memory hole.

This is how politics works:

What they don't talk about, is what is most important.

Anonymous said...

Russia says No to immigrant invasion:

Anonymous said...

This is so damn evil