Saturday, March 17, 2012

Ordinary Minds Always Believe They've Had A Major Breakthrough When They Draw A Conclusion I Had Reached By The Time I Was Nine Years Old

They really do. They think these things represent an increase in understanding. They could have asked me when I was nine years old, I could have told them early on about the discoveries they would make over the next thirty years.


Anonymous said...

the subconcious mind is much more powerful than the concious, when we let our mind wander what we are really doing is passing the problem over to our subconcious which is much more efficient

Anonymous said...

I find that train of thought more illuminating if one thinks of the unconscious rather than the subconscious, 6:12!

Anonymous said...

An alternative model of the Universe and how it is being suppressed by sciemnajific cultists worshiping the shrine of Einstein's Theory of Relativity: