Saturday, March 24, 2012

North Korea About To Fire A Test Missile Over The Northern End Of Australia

Wait, I thought we didn't need a military since our geographic "distance" (modern missiles can hit anywhere on the globe in two hours) protected us from foreign threats. At least, back in 1912 it did.

Wake up, Australia. Military spending needs to be our highest priority purely for reasons of self-defense, not "expeditions" and "regime change" in other countries. We lack basic defense of our own borders, forget about other countries. Gilliard has starved the national defense to the point of emaciation, directing the money to important government programs like giving lips surgically to chickens and running prawns on treadmills.


Anonymous said...

Expect a new round of arms purchases and military spending for everyone in the SE Asia/Pacific region as it always happens when North Korea - a Chinese satellite - tests new missiles. Everyone except Australia, that is.

Anonymous said...

While I agree with your sentiment, you have to wonder why the US is making a big thing of this now, and with Australia.

Anonymous said...

theyre just setting the tone so they can do something about Iran. NK is too hot a potatoe for the US to deal with.

all this farcical media imagery of leaders of countries united like they were in some sort of coke cola advert is very condescending. its a shame only so few can see it.

Anonymous said...

And, conveniently, the US needs Marines stationed in the NT and greater Naval access.