Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Mysterious Booming Noises Worldwide Continue

Future historians will write that people had plenty of warning that something very unusual was happening. They just didn't bide the signs.

These are clearly tectonic and originating from changes taking place in the crust of the planet everywhere you look.


njartist said...

If you are not informed by those who possess the knowledge regarding what is happening, you cannot be held in contempt, scorned, and mocked. Do YOU know exactly, EXACTLY what is occurring and why it is so: what if has its origins in spiritual judgment to be carried out in the earth; where does that leave you in your bunker?

Texas Arcane said...

Where does that leave you without one?

I know so much more about what is happening and why than you do that all you could really do is sit there while I explained it to you over a six hour period, at which end you would promptly forget everything I had just explained to you and scream out "It's Jeezus bangin'" or something akin.

It is a cyclic change in the earth tied to changes in the magnetic field of the Sun which occurs at 11,500 year intervals going back into the remote past. It is a precursor to a magnetic excursion or full reversal with all attendant tectonic and volcanic activity that would be expected. This period is often accompanied by major volcanic upheavals that can blot out the Sun.

Your kids will be interested in how much food you have stored at that time and not so much your "It's Jeezus bangin'" gibberish. They will also want to ask you, pops, why didn't you build a shelter like that guy at Vault-Co so we could discuss this subject at leisure from safety down there?

Anonymous said...

A Russian scientist in explaining seismic activity and mysterious blasts taking place in Siberia also said that they point to a geomagnetic excursion, though he added that there isn't enough evidence yet that this will end up in a reversal.

ray said...

youre wrong TA, it is Jesus banging, and mockery will change nothing

youre full of your own mind, the only shelter will be in righteousness and in God, same as always

your vaults will be useless ... worse, and affront, as if human cleverness is protection against the creator of the universe

Texas Arcane said...

That isn't going to do your kids any good when the sky is black and the grocery store closed six months ago. For one who does not prepare for his children it is better he had a millstone tied around his neck and was thrown into the sea. Telling your kids Jesus will feed them soon and give you all a place of refuge will sound kind of silly when it is raining sulphuric acid. I hope you are doing better than that for your kids now, I'd hate to see them collected by social services.

Anonymous said...

Mocking the son of God to score a point against the social believers, fake fundamentalists, and gospel of prosperity types is a little too far, don't you think, Tex? Your rhetoric isn't usually this crass.

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