Monday, March 12, 2012

Marcus Aurelius and The Myth Of One Good Man

People who think one good man (like say, Ron Paul) can turn a civilization around singlehandedly when it has reached the end of it's life do not have sufficient understanding of the problem.

Civilizations don't rise or fall because of one good or bad leader. Civilizations are simply an expression of the genetics of the people who live in them. Casting about for some superman to save you near the end is futile - superman could not save you at this stage.

Marcus Aurelius would have to be one of the best damn men that ever walked the planet in the secular arena, full of virtue and steeped in good judgement, excellent character, honesty and integrity. He took the job of emperor of Rome at a time it was such a crappy job no decent human being would want to do it. He spent his entire life trying to recapture and secure the borders of Rome until the day he died, attempting to restore some civil order and practice sound monetary policy.

It didn't work. When Aurelius died the Roman Empire went right back to the greased sluice downhill.

This is why I think people hoping for a Ron Paul victory underestimate the size of the problem. It's too much for any one man to handle. Even if Ron Paul got in and had two terms, he would have to fight every politician in the country and every single reform he tried to install would be resisted at every turn. Sooner or later he'd be out of office and the country would return to the dismal tide it tracks now.

There are exceptional men and great leaders born in this world, I hope sent by God to test men's judgement and see if they have the sense to elect them.

In most cases they don't. In fact, in declining civilizations it is the good men who stand the least chance of changing anything. This is why they tend to retreat to their own private gardens.

UPDATE : Amerikwa needs independent observers to give their elections any legitimacy.


Anonymous said...

I disagree a little. Lets say the problem is far left Democrats who are secretly (well not all that secretly) Marxist/socialists; lets call them evil for short. And there are the rest of the citizens of this fair country and lets call them the common man (or sheeple for short). Well, there must be the "good" in this fairy tale or there wouldn't be a fairy tale so let's call the Libertarians (like Paul) the good for short. The question is if there is evil in the world and they intend to collapse our society so they can remake it in the devil's image (oh I forgot, lets call that socialism/communism for short) can a "good man" prevent it or delay it. I say yes! Perhaps not by himself but with the help of others in the category of "good" and that someone would be true believers in the constitution and we will call them conservatives for short. So if we got a good man in the office of the president and we got "true" conservatives in power in both houses of the congress we could indeed reverse the damage that evil has done or at the very least delay the inevitable collapse.

Anonymous said...

The USA is dead. It needs to break up, so we can clean out the scum.

Throwing the liberals and necons to the wolves, would be a good start.

The time for reasoning with these people is over with. They had their chance, they wouldn't listen.

Anonymous said...

On the other hand, the most destructive of leftist policy has been created first by the supreme court, then by the executive branch, then congress, and with the people dead last (but not last dead).

Anonymous said...

Ron Paul wins first caucus but msm whores declare Romney as winner:

Anonymous said...

Cleve, do you believe that the Jungian concept of the Unconscious exists and plays an important role in the drama of human affairs?

I am having a baby this month. What was your birthing experience like with your son, and is there anything you would specifically say to a young father-to-be?

Texas Arcane said...

I am a firm believer in the concept of the collective unconscious. It represents a common context that humans unconsciously share in which they exchange ideas based on assumptions transmitted first in this collective reality.

The tragedy of it is that "Aspergers Syndrome" prevents a person from every sharing in it, including its many delusions, because a person with Aspergers is born to share the collective unconscious of another race of people who have technically vanished from the earth. The inability to find any common ground with the collective mass of people is what leads to such frequent suicide in Aspergers. If you want to know what that collective assumption consists of they are seeking you can see it on the walls of the caves of Chevraux and Lascaux. It is a profoundly gentler, kinder, more serene outlook that has nothing in common with the brutish, simpleminded idiocracy of Homo Sapiens.

If you're going to be a father, get ready to go without proper sleep.

Anonymous said...

Napoleon, maybe. Doesn't happen very often.

Anonymous said...

Tex, your thesis is valid, and is exactly verified by the actions of Emperor Decius in 250 A.D., as he attempted to revive the ancient Roman office of censor and entrust it to the future emperor Valarian.

Edward Gibbon, from Decline and Fall (1775) penned the two definitive paragraphs: (quoted below and split in two posts)


[Decius revives the office of censor in the person of Valerian]

At the same time when Decius was struggling with the violence of the tempest, his mind, calm and deliberate amidst the tumult of war, investigated the more general causes that, since the age of the Antonines, had so impetuously urged the decline of the Roman greatness. He soon discovered that it was impossible to replace that greatness on a permanent basis without restoring public virtue, ancient principles and manners, and the oppressed majesty of the laws. To execute this noble but arduous design, he first resolved to revive the obsolete office of censor; an office which, as long as it had subsisted in its pristine integrity, had so much contributed to the perpetuity of the state, (37) till it was usurped and gradually neglected by the Caesars. (38) Conscious that the favour of the sovereign may confer power, but that the esteem of the people can alone bestow authority, he submitted the choice of the censor to the unbiased voice of the senate. By their unanimous votes, or rather acclamations, Valerian, who was afterwards emperor, and who then served with distinction in the army of Decius, was (A.D. 251, 27th Oct.) declared the most worthy of that exalted honour. As soon as the decree of the senate was transmitted to the emperor, he assembled a great council in his camp, and, before the investiture of the censor elect, he apprised him of the difficulty and importance of his great office. "Happy Valerian," said the prince to his distinguished subject, "happy in the general approbation of the senate and of the Roman republic! Accept the censorship of mankind; and judge of Our manners. You will select those who deserve to continue members of the senate; you will restore the equestrian order to its ancient splendour; you will improve the revenue, yet moderate the public burdens. You will distinguish into regular classes the various and infinite multitude of citizens, and accurately review the military strength, the wealth, the virtue, and the resources of Rome. Your decisions shall obtain the force of laws. The army, the palace, the misters of justice, and the great officers of the empire, are all subject to your tribunal. None are exempted, excepting only the ordinary consuls, (39) the prefect of the city, the king of the sacrifices, and (as long as she preserves her chastity inviolate) the eldest of the vestal virgins. Even these few, who may not dread the severity, will anxiously solicit the esteem, of the Roman censor.)" (40)

Anonymous said...


[The design impractical, and without effect.]

A magistrate, invested with such extensive powers, would have appeared not so much the minister as the colleague of his sovereign. (41) Valerian justly dreaded an elevation so full of envy and of suspicion. He modestly urged the alarming greatness of the trust, his own insufficiency, and the incurable corruption of the times. He artfully insinuated that the office of censor was inseparable from the Imperial dignity, and that the feeble hands of a subject were unequal to the support of such an immense weight of cares and of power. (42) The approaching event of war soon put an end to the prosecution of a project so specious but so impracticable; and whilst it preserved Valerian from the danger, saved the emperor Decius from the disappointment which would most probably have attended it. A censor may maintain, he can never restore, the morals of a state. It is impossible for such a magistrate to exert his authority with benefit, or even with effect, unless he is supported by a quick sense of honour and virtue in the minds of the people, by a decent reverence for the public opinion, and by a train of useful prejudices combating on the side of national manners. In a period when these principles are annihilated, the censorial jurisdiction must either sink into empty pageantry, or be converted into a partial instrument of vexatious oppression. (43) It was easier to vanquish the Goths than to eradicate the public vices yet even in the first of these enterprises Decius lost his army and his life.

Anonymous said...

Which is why I want the Kenyan Marxist to be in charge when the nationwide bongo party erupts.

The GWB years just lulled the well-meaning conservative sheeple into a false sense of having a stake in the system.

I know it runs counter to the sentiment here, but voting for Obama is the ultimate protest vote. It's raising a big middle finger to the Establishment.

Look at gun and ammo sales that have skyrocketed during the past four years in fear of the possibility that new gun laws would be enacted. The cultural Marxists have barely touched gun control with a hundred foot barge pole during Obama's term.

True, elect enough socialist traitors, and there is always the danger that they will try to actually confiscate firearms at some point after cashing in on a tragedy that involves guns.

The only useful thing that GWB did was to let the assault rifle ban lapse. That was small crumbs in exchange for more globalist schemes and opening the borders so that brown enrichers can outvote whitey.

Anonymous said...

A Christian Aurelius fan. Weird.

Anonymous said...

Why are you such a cheerleader for Marcus Aurelius? Anom 11:09 is right, this is a man who professed to be a benevolent, peaceful and wise ruler... and yet mercylessly persecuted the early Christians without so much as proper justification.

He was also a cuckold who never ackowledged the depravity of his wife, and raised a son who was to become one of the most debauched and decadent in the history of roman emperors(Many biographers of his time claim Commodus was in fact the son of a slave or gladiator, as his mother favored them as lovers).

I would be interested in knowing why exactly do you admire this man... I usually agree with you, but this is somewhat surprising. He was a efficient ruler and wrote a pretty nice book, but he was an hypochrit who didn't practice what he preached. His words are meaningless when you put them under perspective.