Saturday, March 10, 2012

Kwanstainian Madhouse

This is so over the top it reads like satire. Except it isn't. It's real.

Call a cop for help in the multikult, you might get sodomized. Single women have truly been liberated by marxist feminism. They've been liberated of everything, in fact, including their human dignity.

Another article on the same site about the savage Kwans and their bizarre pagan existence on the brink of lunacy. Yeah, that secularism has about worked out the way I expected. Good luck with all that.


Anonymous said...

If you think that's bad, check out how the California CHP handles pregnant women talking on their cell phones:

Anonymous said...

Oh no problem Tex, its just the logical outcome of "female empowerment".

Rowan said...

Tassie is the best place to ride out WW3, high powered lawyers agree.

Worth noting: It's not nuts to build a nuclear bunker in the remote Tasmanian wilderness if you're rich. Just like when Oprah builds one in her back garden, perfectly normal, but don't you filthy cattle class try it.

You know I've hiked around this island seeing so many rural properties and just thinking how awesome a private nuclear bunker would be here. I've even speculated that some forward thinking individuals must have their own bunkers. Turns out I was right, but the smart people a dying off.

njartist said...

The "smart" people are running the show; we are their sacrificial sheep.

Anonymous said...

ZOG-asspuppet Cultural Marxist UK Government Satanists decree that Christians are not allowed to wear cross at work:

Anonymous said...

Eugenics Ghoul at Oxford University relishes at the prospect of murdering newborn babies:

Anonymous said...

Go Russia and Putin go. Nuke the KWA and invade the NWO-clowns of Europe to save civilization:

St. Petersburg Bans Homosexual, Pedophile Propaganda

Anonymous said...

Fight'em with flowers:

Gay Marines caught kissing at homecoming, China/Iran/Russia/everyone else laugh at weak US

Australia wants more women/gays/foreign non-white hordes to join its army

Anonymous said...

Hey Tex, there is growing momentum against the eugenics gouls: 40 Days For Life is growing bigger in the US, and the present campaign has expanded now into Australia too.

It is now Day 20: Come on you Aussies! pay a visit to one of the vigils outside these abortion clinics, and lend a bit of support, or put in a good word!


Tweed Heads:






Anonymous said...

Kwanzania: a place not suitable for women to live and children to grow up.

Home-intruder Demon cop tasers 9 year-old for being late at school: