Thursday, March 8, 2012

Kwanstainia, The Skidmark In God's Underwear

Without question the most depraved, vile, inhuman and degenerate race of men the world has ever known inhabit this foul excuse for a nation. Everything about them emanates an unwholesomeness that is so solid you can taste it in the air. This is the fruit of the wicked tree that is their collective soul.

There would be a similar feeling in the streets of Sodom the day before the good Lord in his wisdom decided to convert it into a glassed-over desert parking lot with salt sculptures and none too soon in my estimation.

Third world standard of living comes to the 'Stain. Around the same time they got all those third world people. A coincidence to be sure. This is quality parenting for 'Stainians.


Anonymous said...

Sodom & Gomorrah: San Francisco no longer a place for children as families flee debauchery:

Soon women to flee the place since they can't live with decency there anymore:

Anonymous said...

Prisoner training warm-up so that the sheeple will get used to it before the establishment of full fascist Orwellian police state:

Sam said...

I think you've mistaken the actions of the "Controllers" of the USA from it's citizens. If you use the argument that all the citizens are responsible because they allowed it to happen then what about you? Australia has all the same failings as the USA has. Maybe their decadence is somewhat delayed but the fix in in there also. That means you are in the same boat. If you say you are not then cannot some in the USA be in the same situation? Seems a bit of a double standard.

Texas Arcane said...

Sam, if the shoe fits, wear it. Do you really identify with the people spoken of here as your fellow Americas? If you do, you are part of the problem.

If you live in America or anywhere else, you need to recognize these people for what they are which is madmen. Defending your nation by trying to defend the character of most of it's inhabitants is being an apologist for that which can have no apology.

If you think America is full of winners, you should see Australia. Sometimes I have to take anti-nausea drugs just to get through my day without vomiting. Australians are a rule are thuggish, dimwitted beastlike brutes without any virtues of any kind. You are right that this country is very closely tethered to the runaway degeneracy in the U.S. and other places.

Sam said...

I don't live in San Francisco obviously. I know lots of decent people where I live. Some not so decent. Most reasonably decent. Most are completely amazed by the degeneration going on. My Dad and former boss say." I don't belong anymore. I'm ready to leave this earth. I don't understand it anymore".

Anonymous said...

Its funny my grandmother said the very same thing the other day. She said "I'm ready to go, I don't know the people here anymore. They are all like monsters. My generation had its bad eggs but they were still human beings."