Thursday, March 15, 2012

Kwanstainia Has No Way Out Left But WW3

If you think the 'Stain is going to retire peacefully from the world stage and slip into irrelevancy as it retards to a third world standard of living, you don't know human history.

The reigning hegemon always goes out in a blaze of meaningless wars fought for no other reason than there is no future left for anybody in the country. Homo Sapiens is a monkey in manpants with one tool and one tool only. When he gets in trouble, he tries to use that one tool because it is the only thing he has to make him feel like he has control over his destiny.

When all you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail.


Anonymous said...

Indeed, this cannot be settled in any other way:

Anonymous said...

Russian military experts: NATO exercise in Norway a provocation

Russia calls U.S.-Georgia drills "provocation"

Anonymous said...

Rowan said...

Do you believe as Marcus Aurelius did that man is naturally a social being and thus should strive for the social good always?

If so, what should one do when society wants to destroy itself?

Is survivalism a sensible philosophy to follow? Is that a good meaning for our existence? Or to both survive and populate the world with a slightly better race of men?

Or is Christianity a better path? Can God help us where we're going?

Andhaira said...

WW3 will end very badly for the Kwa. Kwa has a shaky missile defence, that won't help at all against a full scale ICBM and submarine launched BM nuclear attacks on it's soil. Missile defence is in it's infancy right now, and while it works against lone BMs and even lone ICBMs in the boost phase, it won't do shit against hundreds if not thousands of missiles launched against Kwa.

As for Russia, well, it has been rumored that the Soviet Union under Kresuchev and his successors made an electrical energy field that can potentially encapsul all of the Soviet Empire (as some eyewitnesses claimed as they flew near the Soviet Union back in the day) This electrical shield, based on the works of Tesla, is rumored to be able to stop missiles completely, and even aircraft as they attempt to fly through it.Keep in mind this was in the 70s ad 80s.

But ofcourse, it could be simply be rumor and conjecture...who knows after all, what kinds of nightmarish weapons America and Russia have in their labs and stuff.