Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Keep Believin' Rube

Blind faith in the altruism of your rulers is what keeps them in power.


Anonymous said...

I was watching the other videos on this channel from the video you linked. It is such a shame what has happened to the Catholic Church since Vatican II. After the open infiltration of perverted communists and subversives, as detailed by the likes Bella Dodd since the 50's, it has now become a satanic and corrupt insititution drowned in apostasy.

I once considered converting and joining one of these conservative catholic congregations, but then it dawned on me... what would be the point of belonging to an institution that denies all the tradition you want to hold on to?

The loyalty of these people who cling to pre-vatican II doctrine and still claim to belong to catholicism is incredible, but they should just break away. A "schizm" if you will.

Are you catholic Tex? I have been reading your blog for a few months but haven't seem any clear claim of afiliation to any church.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:07 PM

Vatican II was the product of Illuminati/Jews dictated by the American Jewish Committee and the ADL. For a full account on the background see here:

Anonymous said...

Illuminati/Jews/Communists/Satanists are all part of the same cabal. Sometimes I can't make difference between them. And yes, I know they were behind Vatican II and the ongoing process of corruption and decay in pretty much every Christian institution.