Tuesday, March 27, 2012

K-Stainians Pounded In Ass, Hard, Forever, If They Do Not Elect Ron Paul


Anonymous said...

The older americans are, the less they support ron paul :

The baby boomers (and Silent gen) are keeping Ron Paul from getting elected.

Of worth noting - the Silent gen, born roughly 1925 to 1945 have never had a president from among their own generation - we went right from WWII vets 'greatest gen' to boomers.

Ron P is a Silent.

-- kochevnik

Anonymous said...

Tex, it's time to leave your Ron Paul obsession behind. He didn't make it.

Anonymous said...

America is a multiracial country, and all multiracial countries become oppressive dictatorships, before collapsing into all out civil war, because dictatorship, is the only way to hold peoples together, who have nothing in common.

So I give it 10 years, before we see death squads, killing thousands in football stadiums, in the middle of the night. Heck that video proves it is already beginning.

As for Ron Paul, he has demonstrated he is not racially aware and he holds such beliefs in contempt, so he really doesn't comprehend the problem.

And if you don't understand a problem, you can't fix it, no matter how hard you try. So even if he gets elected, the inevitable will be put off, only for a short time.

You need to let the 'Stain go, Tex. It is doomed. There is no stopping what is coming.

Texas Arcane said...

I knew he was never going to make it. I am just pointing out the obvious.

Last chance gas station for the 'Stain. After this it is all downhill and I don't mean that in a nice way.

I think Byzantium Rome is definitely optimistic feelgood rose-colored glasses. The Kwa would be lucky if she only fell as far. The 'Stain is going to be vaporized and cease to exist in feuding regional wars - after its enemies destroy it.

Anonymous said...

australia is a slave state of america we have no real army just a little appendage of the american army we go where they go [or else]when they go down what do you think will happen here?think the bullshit pr about australia will protect us?think perhaps pine gap etc aren't huge targets?goneski

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