Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Is Duckweed The Secret Weapon In Permaculture?

I'm beginning to believe it is so.

Apparently, a diet of nothing but duckweed and earthworms is enough to grow tilapia at enormous speeds to full size. I have been thinking about Kurt Saxon's "maggot farms" to replace or complement the earthworms. It seems earthworms can be pretty susceptible to colony dieoffs and other ailments but flies only need a hot bulb and some you-know-what. There's always plenty of that to go around in an underground setting. Sounds like this would be an incredibly low energy system, the sort you could power off a solar panel or two and keep it out of sight.

A garbage bag broke on me the other day and a tumble of maggots poured out. I was looking at them and thinking, man, that would be good fish food.

I reckon if I could put the fish in a bathtub inside my hydroponics rack and make everything work together inside Vault-OS I'd have a winner.


Anonymous said...

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Eric in Singapore said...

Tilapia is an excellent protein source but is lacking in omega 3 oils. Trick is to find some fish you can feed omega 3 rich grass to?

Anonymous said...

The only thing you'd have to watch out for with any intensive animal breeding like that is keeping it clean and disease free or ensuring all your eggs aren't in one basket and tanks or pens are isolated (due to lack of ability to replenish breeding stock). If you've kept a fish tank before you'll know how dirty and disease ridden they can get quickly even when looked after. It can spread just as fast too. Close proximity or sharing water through your recycling could be a risk to consider. You'd also need smaller isolation tanks for any sick fish. You can either isolate them and nurse them to health or observe the symptoms and prepare accordingly.

Keep that in mind though and I'm confident you can start a working prototype soon and iron out any problems.

Anonymous said...

If your thinking down this line check out


I'm sure you'd be able to glean some ideas

any chance of a Vault OS update?

Anonymous said...

Read this, thought of you:


Anonymous said...

This too:


Why not soylent green? After WWIII, one could raid the mass graves and corpses along the roads. Add a little ammonium hydroxide, grind, patty, and dry in a green house. The only thing technical would be hot-particle detection. The resultant "pink slime" would probably be what one finds in a Big Mac. Just might get you through that first winter when nothing will grow. A little home made ketchup from your hydroponic tomatoes, and it might even be edible (unlike a Big Mac).

Anonymous said...

Man, it's 2012. The end is fucking nigh. You're going to be scratching your head thinking about feeding fish in an underground bathtub when the bombs start falling.