Monday, March 26, 2012

Hidden Camera Catches Naked Confession Of Voting Fraud In America

You gotta watch this. Unbelievable corruption in the United States.

Spread this video around. Everyone needs to see it. The election this year is invalid. The results have lost credibility. The gutless Pukepublics insist on running a losing candidate instead of Ron Paul, who would kick Obama's ass out of the park.

Anybody supporting Ron Paul is cut off, booted out or asked to sit down and shut up here in Nevada. The police had to be called to eject the Ron Paul supporters for supporting Ron Paul instead of some other approved ass puppet.

Naked tricks including shutting off the lights when the ballot boxes are collected so some of them can be discarded.

Treasonous, criminal ballot fraud and corruption:


Anonymous said...

I say vote for the Kenyan Marxist as the ultimate protest vote. Look at how the noble one in chief is acting blessing Trayvon Martin as the son he never had.

Grease the skids, and stoke the fires.

Anonymous said...

Try to vote for who you want to vote for and you are now a terrorist.
The Kwa is dead. Long live the Kwa.

Anonymous said...

White people are now more worried of being called a racist then they are of protecting their own lives while the msm covers up the daily death toll of non white on white crime while ramming bs like this down our throats. God forbid an African-American get injured or killed while trying to beat or murder someone. Well, golly, that's racist.

Best thing you ever did was move Tex. I wish I had woken up ten years earlier than I did.