Thursday, March 22, 2012

Groupthink Is For Those Who Can't Think, Period

Groupthink is a mythology like druidism or witchcraft that rushes in to fill the vacuum between the ears of people who are incapable of thinking.

They sit alone.

Nothing seems to happen. They start to get bored. The silence in their mind is deafening. This instrument without external stimulus begins to rapidly unravel. They have no internal dialogue. They squint and sweat. Nothing seems to be happening.

They give up and call a meeting. Now people are socializing and talking. That's even better than thinking, Sapiens feels.

Homo Sapiens thinks this is where the civilization he sees all around him came from. People on committees passing resolutions.

Subtract the Neanderthal and you have a bunch of monkeys in manpants sitting in the dust eating turd sandwiches and arguing over who gets to be alpha male. For hundreds of thousands of years without change.

Sapiens can't think. It's the Neanderthal with the rich dreamscape inside. The endless internal dialogue, more fascinating than a hundred channels on cable. Questioning. Arguing the viewpoint of his opposition. Counterarguing. Moving through a field of dreams, memories and ideas. It never ends and yes, sometimes you want to turn the volume down. You can't. The inside of your head is another universe.

Neanderthals are like this.

Sapiens is just a flat stare at the horizon and so much quiet in his cerebral tissue you could hear a pin drop. No dreamscape in there.

See why Sapiens could never amount to anything? He's a gregarious, highly social extroverted animal who gives the appearance of a variety of activities. In reality, he is no brighter than a shiny red button. Jacob without Esau would sit on his haunches, eat his meat raw, know no law but tooth and claw. He enjoys his beer, likes spectator sports (cathartic substitute for tribal combats) and sometimes dreams up little social schemes. Other than that, he is a terribly empty creature who simulates a real human being ... but is only a shell that mimics a man.

Without Neanderthal to hate in the past, the present and in the future, he would not even have any genuine rivalry. No passions, no love, no hates, no anything.

Just the terrible oblivion where his soul is supposed to go. The emptiness. The emptiness. At his core is a collapsed black hole from which not even light can escape.


Anonymous said...

Profound...and true.

Koanic said...

That is as goddamn beautiful as the twinkle in a black hole's eye.

But there is a way to turn down the volume...

You just need a trained Voice.

Anonymous said...

Sniff ... tear of wonder ... amazing and true ...

Anonymous said...

What would you know about humans?

Texas Arcane said...

Oh snap, nigga, you got me.

Good comeback. That's so true. I'm not sure what you meant exactly but definitely worth posting. I should repost it three times. Good one.

Anonymous said...


What do think of the idea of the Titanomachy being an allegory of the Neanderthal war?

The Titans are the Neanderthals, the Olympians are the Melonheads, and the humans are today's Sapians.

This allegory suggests that the Melonheads and Neanderthals were related, with the Neanderthals being both the older sibling and the parents of the Melonheads. Then, because of internal Titan society strife (because of Titan mating and eugenics policies some Titans had been imprisoned/cast-out such as the Cyclopes) a Titan mother convinced the Olympians to use their cunning to overthrow the Titans. From the remnants of the Titans (the philosopher Olympiodorus says remains) the Olympians fashioned the humans. Later-on the Olympians still used some of the Titans (like the Cyclopses at Hephaestus' forges) as prized servants, but mentions of the Titans dwindled to none in later myths.

This makes me think that the Melonheads were early Neanderthal cast-outs who were not physically as strong as the main Neanderthal population and developed a separate breeding population. I also think the Melonheads originally developed deceit to compensate for their lack of strength and later started breeding themselves for intelligence.

I think that the Melonheads were jealous of the Neanderthal's prime hunting/grazing lands and developed a plan to capture these lands where they allied themselves with more recent Neanderthal cast-outs and sympathetic Neanderthals (probably the cast-outs' mothers). Then, because the Neanderthals were both strong and numerically superior, the Melonheads started their experiments to create a slave-soldier army using the more recent cast-outs as the root stock.

After invading and capturing the Neanderthal lands, the Melonheads used the Neanderthal prisoners to create more slaves (which explains the population explosion at the start of the agricultural revolution) and live as Kings. I think the Melonheads turned their Neanderthal allies into servants and guards, but eventually the Melonheads killed them off so that the servants would not themselves rebel against the Melonheads.

But, eventually Melonheads died off as a separate race due to low population, low fertility, and interbreeding with the slaves, leaving only the slave-soldiers to populate the planet.

After Toba, there may have only been a Melonhead village and a few Neanderthal towns that survived in bunkers (the Titanomachy myth suggests that the Olympians populated Mt Olympus and the Titans Mt Othrys) - making it quite possible for the Melonheads to ally with sympathetic Neanderthals, because at that time it was just local politics.

This analysis also meshes with the themes of sibling war, jealousy, and deceit you have noted in the tales of Cain and Abel and Esau and Jacob.

-Melonhead Anon 6:51 from a few posts back

Texas Arcane said...

That is a very interesting interpretation of the mythology. It also ties together a lot of the facts. You've really given me something to think about, thanks for posting that. A few months back somebody posted that the fertility mother idol was a Neanderthal captive and I have been thinking about it ever since and reading up on it. Your idea will probably trigger the same curiosity in me to study the origins of the Titans myths more carefully.

Anonymous said...

Similarly, in Norse mythology, the gods both descend from the frost giants and are siblings with them. When the gods eventually felt strong enough, they defeated the frost giants. Later, the gods fashioned the humans from the remains of the frost giants.

Frost giants are the Neanderthals. Gods are the melonheads, and humans are Sapians.

It seems to me that the the mythology themes of sibling conflict, defeat of the older/favored sibling via cunning, and the gods creating humans are common enough that they should have a historical basis.

-Melonhead Anon 6:51

P.S. Glad I can offer comments for thought. Let me know what you come up with.

Anonymous said...

We know that the Neanderthal genes' host was always the mother and it was passed this way from one generation to the next. Since Jesus Christ was born only of a "mother" it means that he had higher Neanderthal gene percentage than anyone else who was conceived in the usual way.

Anonymous said...

Mysterious Dark-Skinned Stone Age People Found

First, their skulls are anatomically unique," he said. "They look very different to all modern humans, whether alive today or in Africa 150,000 years ago. And second, the very fact they persisted until almost 11,000 years ago when we know that very modern-looking people lived at the same time immediately to the east and south suggests they must have been isolated from them."