Thursday, March 15, 2012

Greece Leads The Way To ITZ

Basic health services normally taken for granted becoming a rare commodity.

Nothing left to do but riot and kill, no future looking forward to.

Globalism is grand. It keeps up with the improvamentation. I dread the ugly old days when we had flush toilets and clean drinking water.

Imagine a world where soap becomes a highly desirable barter good. Now stop making fun of all those survivalists telling you it is a good thing to know how to make. They're right.


ericthered said...

Photo caption at that link; "Doctors, nurses and paramedics clash with riot police outside the health ministry last May during a protest against cuts."

Think about that. Those aren't a bunch of hippies, welfare junkies, or the like. Doctors, nurses, and paramedics getting physical with riot police! Whoa! Some serious stuff going down over there.

Anonymous said...

Somethings fishy about the Tide thing. If soap were the issue, the brand would not matter. There's no soap shortage. There may be something about the Tide that we don't know that criminals do. Maybe theres and ingredient there that's unique to Tide that's used for drugs or explosives...

Anonymous said...

What is happening Europe, is just like the collapse of the Wiemar Republic, all over again. Reds and Nazis will be spilling each other's blood in the streets, if they aren't already.

Anonymous said...

They obviously know/anticipate something that the hoi polloi do not: well-to-do Greeks and property owners in the suburbs are stocking up AK-47s for the coming apocalyptic collapse of the nation.