Saturday, March 24, 2012

Go Aussie! Oy Oy!

This vile, repulsive NWO hand tool got wiped out along with the entire labor party in Queensland yesterday. It was an absolute massacre of her and her ugly bolshevist lapdogs. Finally the Australian people showed some sense, I was so proud of them.

This is the creepy bitch who brought in water fluoridation with widespread majority opposition, she did it by fiat in addition to selling off most of Queensland's greatest assets in a fire sale she ran to drum up a few dollars for her administration. She was like a one-woman demolition squad. Everything seemed to go downhill from the instant she took office.

She was very much the Queensland arm of the Canberra coven so this gives you some idea of what is in store for the redheaded witch when she stops stalling and calls a national election. With any luck Gilliard is going to get vaporized and set the Australian labor party back for the next thirty years as a viable party.


Anonymous said...

I don't trust the new premier to be much better. I am just suss on how 'open' he will really be, given his reticence to open up about his family assets prior to the election.

Anonymous said...

Refugees should not complain about the political situation of the country which rescued them.

Anonymous said...

As good as the news is for QLD, I think you QLD guys are soft. Our Labour government in NSW was twice as bad as yours! No major infrastructure projects of any type for the last 5 years except for a $2billion Desal Plant we dont need (All dams are 100% full). Federally, they will be finished at the next election, however I can see the Green problem get bigger. Too many latte sipping sheeple living in Oz now. I'm finally giving up on Sydney. Moving to the other side of the mountains. No internet, so will be needing that Vault OS soon.

Texas Arcane said...

5:34 AM

According to what bizarro world convict logic?

Maybe it is time to repatriate people who are descended from those shipped here involuntarily in leg irons, because they seem to have an uncontrollably passive-aggressive marxist lean to their politics. You should be glad you have some people voting here now with IQs above room temperature.

The political situation has changed dramatically since I arrived 20 years ago, so which politics should I support? The ones present when I got here or the NWO policies in place now? Didn't even register the difference or changes at all? Whoodathunkit? That's the passive-aggressive thing I was talking about.

Anonymous said...

What a load anonymous. So because Tex came to Australia of his own volition, rather than just happen to be born there, he isn't allowed to give his opinion?

ray said...

She was very much the Queensland arm of the Canberra coven

a NWO fem-marxist skank addicted to power-crack

i hear all Queensland shook with joy in anticipation of her ouster


...not that it'll save you of course, but somewhat satisfying nonetheless

keep the line open tex, gillie may be calling to reserve a vault chair!

Anonymous said...

Lots of ALP corruption

Newman has reportedly said he'll have an inquiry into the long-running Heiner Affair - the one that taints so many of the ALP and even the former QLD Governor and current Governor-General (who is also Billy Shorten's Mother-in-Law).

On a personal note I knew Campbell's sister Katie at Uni and she was a very decent girl and I have no reason to suspect other members of her family are anything but decent & honourable too. Father was an ex-Army Lt-Colonel and Federal Senator Kevin Newman and Mother Jocelyn Newman was a Federal Senator too (both from Tassie).

Anonymous said...

Campbell will do fine. Its the incompetent half-wits that kept them out of office for the last 20 years that stand behind him that worry me.

The one to watch is Katter. Labor will be destroyed federally, and so will the Greens. If Katter has any success he may well end up as leader of the opposition. He's staunchly anti globalist, but suffers from poor health.Not a good combination.


Anonymous said...

sucked in you bitch!