Monday, March 26, 2012

Flaxseed Really Is Good For You

I have been drinking a shake once a day with whey, LSA, brewers yeast, flaxseed, a banana, a scoop of ice cream and some vanilla essence. I am sure it is improving my results in the gym. It also seems to be helping my lower back injury to heal up.

Between this and vitamin D you got errant cell behaviour policed pretty tightly in your body. Have some pineapple once in a while.

They are never going to stop giving chemo to the rubes because there is too much money in it. Their own research says it doesn't work but they don't give a damn. They are laughing all the way to the bank.

I did have a weird feeling that the flaxseed was suppressing my testosterone production a little. Lo and behold, I saw this article today confirming there are some plant estrogens in it. I had a hunch because I only added flaxseed a month ago and noticed the next morning I was a little less rampant upon rising, if you know what I mean and I am afraid that you do. Guess you have to factor that in for your weight training.


Anonymous said...

I suffer from psoriatic arthritis. It's not a very severe case, but my hands feel painful if I skip taking my methotrexate shots.

For the sake of experimentation, I decided to cut all wheat and most grains from my diet.

I've only noticed slight improvement in the arthritis area in my hands after two months but I've gotten the following benefits:

-dramatic improvement in my cardiovascular function

-lost 20 lbs

-the nagging pain I've had in my right knee is gone (was it arthritic? who knows).

I'll remain patient and see if my PA improves. I'd really like for the pain in my hands to go away enough so that I would stop taking these injections.

You are what you eat.

Anonymous said...

If you are taking D3, you need to take a K@ complex. D3 makes calcium available, and the K@ complex will tell the calcium to go to the bones rather than soft tissues.
I'd skip the flax. Stock up on canned salmon. Almost all canned salmon is wild caught. Sooner rather than later too. Even at Sams it's up top $2.50 a can. Just recently it was about $1.88 a can...


A plant for your garden should be Eggplant. I read that Australian cattle ranchers treated cancers in the eyes of their Hereford cattle with a poultice made from the fruit of Devil's Apple (Solanum Linnaeanum). More research lead to discussions of using Eggplant (in the same family of plants, the Nightshades). I ground the Eggplant with Vinegar and applied it to a basal cell cancer on my forehead. I am in the third week of treatment, and the bloody surface lesion is gone. I am continuing the application for another three weeks.

Skin Cancer Cure

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Anonymous said...

Ehh. St. Charles caucus. However that works, I'll let them sort it out in their smoke filled room.

Yes I voted for Ron Paul, then Santorum won MO in the primary. Ron Paul is brilliant and honest on economic and foreign policy, of course. Rick Santorum: I learn (particularly from Catholics) more of Santorum's moral positions, and his moral positions are righteous.

The Republican (except Ron Paul) voted for the draconian bills, say, PATRIOT act, or, as I like prefer to re-arrange the letters: TRAITOP [add the final stroke to the P]. That's has already been done.

Romney is from the most liberal state of MA, but folks up their have vouched to me that "He was a good governor presiding over a legislature of moonbats." (Yeah, 'good' for a politician can be stretched and folded.)

The priority has to be to eject the Obamanites from the WH! Even if bought a paid for (not unusual): if Romney can carry some Ron Paul and Rick Santorum payloads in stealth mode, get elected, and then turn those payloads lose, it would be a very good thing.

I got to attend the * * * fundraiser for Ed Martin, the moral conservative candidate for Attorney General, also Bill Randles, the morally conservative candidate for governor was present. There is hope. Ed said that brilliant Jim Talent (former senator from MO) is a key strategist for Romney, which put me a bit at ease (well maybe just 1 percent at ease).

I think Obama is being given a bit of slack line so that he can pursue all sorts of sordid and suspicious initiatives: There are lots of rumblings just below the surface. I would love to see Ron Paul as president, but I am prepared to be satisfied with strong Ron Paul and Rick Santorum components, wielded by a non-Obamanite victor.

Anonymous said...

@ first Anonymous: Try avoiding nightshades (including white potatoes). Also, you may have to cut out dairy (99% of what you buy is treated and full of chemicals and crap).

Nightshades have been linked to arthritis and inflammation and dairy has been linked to inflammation.

- Yac

Anonymous said...

Just read the comments about cheese in a previous post.

A few thoughts

- Modern dairy (including cheese) is industrial junk full of preservatives and chemicals. Better to try and make your own, same with yoghurt and kefir.

- Look up junket. An old style desert made from dairy. Sounds similar to natural made cheeses

- I grew up on a farm and working with cattle, horses and dogs just seems natural and instinctual.

- Some people can take being smashed around by cattle with no damage.

- Neanderthal men who have been found frozen to death by themselves may not have been outcasts. In order to prevent inbreeding Aboriginal tribes swapped women and other primitive tribes did similar things.
I propose it more likely that when Neanderthal men reached a certain age they set out to find a different tribe of Neanderthals to intermarry with. Maybe they had to spend so much time in the wild in order to prove their toughness.
I came by this idea after reflecting on the fact that a lot of young men have wanderlust, and the best and brightest reach a point where they are sick of being home and set out to find adventure.
Further, since Neanderthal men mature slowly and probably peak around 30, it seems intuitive that then would be a better time to start a family.

- Following on from the above point; upon until recently an age gap of ten years was normal among white society. Given that women mature faster and reach their peak of fertility in their early 20s, whereas men (and particularly those on Neanderthal extraction) take longer than it seems they would be better matched for lifetime pairing when they are at their peak fertility (early 20s for the woman and early 30s for the man). Then their fertility nnd attractiveness would decline at the same time.

- About the Night Watchmen theory: Recently I slept over twelve hours than stayed awake for ~ 35. It seemed better than the normal 9 to 5 routine. I noticed my creativity increased during the night when I should have been asleep and kept up the next day. I actually felt really tried at around dusk and probably should have gone to bed then instead of staying up a few more hours.
I theorise that Neanderthal men may have took turns staying up all night and all the next day then getting a big sleep in and repeating it.
I also wonder whether neanderthal had other night activities, such as art, fishing and protecting their herds from predators.

- Do you suppose Neanderthals might have been nomadic during the warmer months, moving their herds to better grounds and then moving them back during winter?

- I asked you for some pictures of Neanderthal type people before. What I meant was could you link to photos of people who show neanderthal traits? Or what celebs and famous people have neanderthal features? I want to be able to spot the more neanderthal types in real life and see if they have any commonalities?

- Following on, I suspect most farmers in Australia and America are Neanderthal, particularly (or maybe only) if they deal with cattle. Cowboys, horse lovers etc too.

- Finally, I can guess at Neanderthal type guys, but what sort of features in a woman are likely Neanderthal traits?

- Yac

Anonymous said...

"what sort of features in a woman are likely Neanderthal traits?"

Incredibly beautiful with features and symmetry thought to be extinct since the days of ancient Egyptian dynasties, effectively rendering sapiens females into nonentities . Voluptuous and with a robust, good-proportioned build, the exact opposite of the anorexic asexual Kristen-Stewart-Emma Watson type hag that is projected as the ideal in a world where sapiens taste sets the standard. Male-like aggression (aggression in a positive way, not in the repulsive way of dirtbags swearing at each other while watching reality TV) that scares away many sapiens males since the latter prefer docile and submissive sapiens females as partners. A sense of humor and an often vitriolic sarcasm that is usually found only in a few gifted males and nowhere to be found among the dull sapiens females. Extremely resourceful.

Hot August Night said...

I've been taking a dose of cold-pressed flaxseed oil a day for a while now Tex but haven't yet noticed any reduction in testosterone levels. I'm 31 though so maybe that makes a dif? Thanks for the heads up anyhow.

Anonymous said...

"Try avoiding nightshades (including white potatoes). Also, you may have to cut out dairy (99% of what you buy is treated and full of chemicals and crap).

Nightshades have been linked to arthritis and inflammation and dairy has been linked to inflammation."

I've read tons of websites and literature over the years in pursuit of trying to eliminate any foods that could be the cause of my PA. I did stumble upon this site, which is most revealing regarding a nutritional study in Communist China:

Due to diets being quite uniform in specific regions of China (for example, some areas tend to eat wheat, others rice, etc), it was quite easy to pinpoint correlation between certain types of food and heart disease:

Factor Correlation Score Significance
Meat Consumption -28 none
Dairy Consumption 6 none
Rice Consumption -58 Strong Negative Correlation
Wheat Consumption 67 Strong Positive Correlation
Other Grain Consumption 39 Moderate Positive Correlation
Green Vegetable Consumption 5 none
Blood Cholesterol 4 none

Wheat and grain consumption seem to have a very strong correlation with heart disease. Funny enough, rice, even though it's a carbohydrate, is not.

I've heard of extreme diets like Pagano and acid/alkaline that make you follow a strict list of foods. I decided to keep it simple by simply just cutting out wheat and grains (with exceptions for rice). I do eat raisins for their anti-oxidant and alkalizing effects, however.

I've already forsaken beer altogether, but to give up cheese? It's something that I can't completely wrap my head around. I don't want to become so paranoid about what I eat that I am reduced to eating tofu all the time.

Anonymous said...

"They are never going to stop giving chemo to the rubes because there is too much money in it."

And you can also apply that for insulin producers. Doctors used to counsel diabetics to not consume wheat in the bad old days, but now the Diabetic associations have been paid off by the wheat lobby to tell their patients that "healthy whole grains" should be part of a balanced diet.

Consider the China study I posted--it just goes to show you that Communists are far more honest sometimes than our corporate-run oligarchies.

Wheat is bad for you. I might not have completely cured my PA, but I've gotten many other side benefits by cutting it completely from my life.

Anonymous said...

The term grain would include any dry and granular foodstuff. There are still many more grains to try, and a lot of them will have differing nutritional benefits, as different vegetables do. My diet is primarily mixed grains and beneficial.

Mustard seed
Rye (wheat relative)
Kamut (wheat relative)
Lentils (red, green, brown)
Horse gram (Indian lentil)
Rice (white, brown, black)
Wild rice (N. Am. native)
Peas dried
Dahl beans (India)
Indian Amer. corn
Sunflower seed