Thursday, March 15, 2012

Everything You Think About The World Around You Is Likely Wrong

Nuclear proliferation, space-based nukes and tactical nuclear research are absolutely out of control worldwide in every country you see. It has never been worse and exceeds the most paranoid dread about the future that prevailed in 1963, the year I was born.


Anonymous said...

Humanity is doomed. There is a scary, growing number of proponents of insects as a main source of human food.

The comments are fucking crazy.
quote :
"Go eat bugs with your kids. Imagine a world where kids go to school and don't have to worry about a school lunch program!"

I'd rather turn to cannibalism and eat those commie bastards.

Anonymous said...

Fluoride "a social experiment started 40 years ago" exposed by Australian media:

Anonymous said...

'Kony 2012' founder arrested for masturbating in public: