Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The End Of Protest and Peaceful Dissent

Widely demonstrated in the media. They are letting you know it will be used on you, serf. While you were sleeping, the planet got taken over by supranational government.

It is distressing for the champagne sippers to have their relaxation time disturbed by loud peasants crying for redress of grievances. Now they won't have to listen to that claptrap. The purpose of the serfs is to work until they are dead and pass their debts on to their children, following a short liquifaction ceremony and wake that ends with them flushed down the sewer pipes.

I believe this was described by Huxley in BRAVE NEW WORLD at one point, it could be another book. Loud sonics were used in SOYLENT GREEN to disperse the hoi-polloi.

The left hand will be modifying your response while the right hand modifies your behaviour. Independent thought will be stigmatized as a crime against the "environment." Lunatics and commonplace psychotics control the Western world from top to bottom.

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Anonymous said...

I propose for S. Matthew Liao and his enviro-Gestapo buddies to be shot in head at point blank range.