Saturday, March 31, 2012

Empire of the Dysgenics

Fugly misfire believes people who disagree with her lunatic friends need to be treated for mental illness. I'm thinking you'd have to get a gorilla awfully drunk before he'd think about a closing hour round with this chick. Looks like the vet should have put that down after it got hit by a truck rather than try to stitch it up again.

When I think of globowarmthinkists I have always visualized a bunch of people who look exactly like this woman. Lady, if you're bitter about not getting a prom date I would advise you to get over it. The day after you successfully wipe out mankind, chances are you're still going to have to look in a mirror somewhere to brush your teeth. I'm a big believer in inner beauty and in your case I'd say it's all you should believe in.

You're probably thinking they just got a photo of her bad side. Well ... no. This woman is doing her part to control population growth by just existing in the presence of good light. Looks like a Basil Wolverton sketch. If I were the last man on Earth and this was the last woman - I'd get an unlisted number and pull the phone out of the wall.


Anonymous said...

Dysgenics, literally. Looked her up on google and in all of her images she always has the same stupid smile and expression as if she was retarded and nothing could distract her from her permanent state of retardation. She's like a self-parody of Jerry Lewis' holding a glass with his mouth act , except she doesn't need the glass.

There is only one "treatment" for getting rid of her and her freakish kind:


Anonymous said...

This one was golden Tex. After reading this post and looking at the infowars article I must have laughed for at least 5 minutes straight. I would have laughed more if it weren't so tragic.

May God forgive me for even thinking about this, but maybe the world needs catastrophies and genetic bottlenecks more than ever. This lady...she actually manages to beat most characters from Mike Judge's "Idiocracy" in sheer caricature. It is unbelievable.

- Greenbean

Anonymous said...

This seems beneath you, Cleve.

Anonymous said...

"It" fell out of the Fugly Tree and hit every branch on the way down, finally impacting on its head - which explains both its appearance and fugged thought processes.

Professor in Sociology & Environmental Studies? More like a professional mouth-breathing oxygen thief!

Texas Arcane said...

1:39 AM

I just tried visualizing that woman beneath me. I may never get an erection again as long as I live.

Anonymous said...

Tex: Yeah, that mug would give most males of any species a 'soft-on'...
Off topic (maybe not by much), in your guesstamation are we in Amokaka going to have 4 more yrs. of
community organ-(hah!) izing or 4 yrs. of 'Magic Underwear' MSM jokes?
Per your recommendation I purchased the "Ice Age Now" dvd; 'Ugly Betty' would give me a lobotomy just for having watched it... keep up the good fight/work!

Anonymous said...