Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Diatonic Scale For Music Invented By Neanderthals

I've known about this since the 1990's.

Which of course makes perfect sense because they domesticated every single major animal species in use today and were herders from about 300,000 years onwards. The Neanderthals domesticated the horse over a quarter million years ago and were likely using them in herding for ten times the length of the entire history of Homo Sapiens. Herding peoples start by using flutes and whistles to call their flocks and soon thereafter discover the possibilities of music in such devices.

Note that the diatonic scale implies a long standing structure of songs and music that were transmitted from generation to generation, or else why develop structured sound waves based on a scale most pleasing to the human ear.

Abel was a herder. His brother Cain murdered him because he resented the fact his brother's offering was acceptable to God but he was rejected. Scripture tells us that Cain then pretended he did not know what had happened to his brother when asked. "He must have failed to adapt," he said to God. "He must have committed suicide because his brow stuck out too far. At least according to my skull reconstruction it did."


Anonymous said...

Niggers in freaka also make bone flutes. Big fucking deal.

Anonymous said...

"I've known about this since the 1990's."

But you have posts on this very blog dating from 2007 and 2008 where you casually mention that neanderthals were unsophisticated and inferior savages. You once replied to one of my comments about it stating that your acceptance of all these theories about pre-historic hominids was quite recent(2010 or so).

- Greenbean

Texas Arcane said...

This was mentioned in a book by Robert Ardrey in the 1980's, actually.

My convergence of all this information occurred in 2010. I knew that Mousterian peoples were dehumanized in the literature for twenty years, as I have mentioned frequently on this blog.

Texas Arcane said...

Except that the savage Sapiens produced no such artifacts of any kind until he absorbed the Neanderthal people.

Niggas in freaka never produced flutes and certainly no diatonic scale of notes. I am not aware of anything other than reeds and drums in Africa. You need to check your sources.

Anonymous said...

"I've known about this since the 1990's."

He was talking about primitive Neanderthals, the kind that walked next to Homo Erectus. Still the superior race.

Anonymous said...

March 21, 2012 12:20 AM

They didn't create their own writing, they didn't invent the wheel. They didn't tame or ride horses, they didn't invent boats good enough for distance travel. They never went anywhere overseas, unless another race picked them up and took them there.

All this despite being located right next to Egypt, for many thousands of years.

So they didn't need to invent anything, all they had to do was copy from the Egyptians and they couldn't do that much.

Their sole talent is for breeding like flies and bringing poverty and destruction to any locality, where they become the majority.

Texas Arcane said...

... and, as incredible as it may sound, this is my premise in a nutshell.

The Africans moved north into Europe and killed the Neanderthals. Their numbers were like grains of sand on a beach. They raped the Neanderthal women and became the hybrid that was the European race.

I try to let people figure this out on their own because I know how shocking it is to hear this for the first time.

Homo Sapiens was black when he entered Europe and Neanderthals had been white for upwards of 500,000 years.

Texas Arcane said...

Remember the recent reluctant admission that Neanderthals were plying the planet's oceans and crossing the Pacific over 250,000 years ago.

Texas Arcane said...

When new arrivals cut the throats of women and children in Detroit, was it proof they were superior adapted to that environment because they drove the existing inhabitants to extinction or migration out?

Look at Detroit today and tell me about how they were the winnarz which means they were more better. Detroit looks like the inside of an asshole today, it is a post-nuclear landscape. But they are the winnarz.

Anonymous said...

Check out contemporary negros with their trumpets, guitars and saxophones. But alas, you are wrong about ancient african music:

Trololol, compare these complex instruments with a 4 note bone flute.

Face it, neos died because they were inferior. Sapiens was an inventive and social species that was smart and ambitious enough to migrate and conquer new territory. Neos weren't. It takes brains to band together as a cooperative group and spread throughout the world.

Small familiar groups ruled by females? Bonobo monkeys also have that.

Anonymous said...

You are putting the cart before the horse. The fact that ancient sapiens was more numerous is a testament to their superiority. In the prehistoric world, surviving and reproducing was difficult and required adaptation.

Pure darwinism here. Your bitchslapped manapes were unable to fight back because they were inferior. Much like many of the amerindian tribes that were exterminated by european colonists.

In nature, the best ones always win. Don't forget that. And if you believe in God, you must also believe that it was his desire that this breed came to an and at the hands of our race.

Anonymous said...

Neanderthal achievements: Making bone flutes, living in caves and being ruled by women.

Oh really? If these hominids were so superior and intelligent as you claim I assume they would have more to be shown for their thousands of years of existence. Anom 12:20 is correct, even primitive sub-saharan africans are capable of more complexity both as individuals and as a society. I can't imagine white overmen with 160 IQ points average living like poor cousins to modern day african negroes.

Your constructions smell like baloney, look like baloney and taste like baloney. Must be baloney.

Anonymous said...

160+ Iq ubermensches came up with a 4 note bone flute?

Whow, with a little more dedication they might become sax playing blackies. No wonder they went extinct.

Anonymous said...

Interesting Tex. I have additional theories about the Neo's being the first to record a concerto - on bone flute in D minor. Being the first hominid to clinically diagnose head size envy. Inventing rainbows. And when they farted, it sounded like puppies laughing.

Texas Arcane said...

I can see this is a very emotional subject for many of you, largely driven by what you need to believe as opposed to what the facts say.

Remember what is happening in the 'Stain right now is proof that they are still superior to you and when they conquer you it will be because you were inferior to them.

They be geddin' de edjamafacashun.

Texas Arcane said...

Note that all existing musical instruments used by contemporary blacks were invented by white Europeans. There exist no musical instruments in use in modern music invented by blacks.

Unless you consider flipping a discarded oil drum over for a caribbean bongo session to be an "invention" - but even here, the oil drum is simply a leftover piece of detritus from the colossal resources industry that has floated up on their beach.

Anonymous said...

Well, this is the first relic of neanderthal you showed and I must say it really doesn't look impressive.

Besides living in caves and getting their asses kicked by us, what was so wonderful about these extinct men? Yes, I have read you going on and on about how brilliant they are and how we owe everything to the few genes we inherit from them , but if this is true, why don't they have anything to show for their long existence?

It seems to me you are going for some kind of pre-historic version of "we are the world" bullshit, and neos are to you what blacks are to lefties. Even tough there is no evidence of value in this group, you try to push them as being "wonderful", "magical" and even "superior". Much like leftwing jew hacks do when they talk about blacks.

Anonymous said...

"They didn't create their own writing, they didn't invent the wheel. They didn't tame or ride horses, they didn't invent boats good enough for distance travel. They never went anywhere overseas, unless another race picked them up and took them there."

This could be applied to neanderthals too, right? Maybe it isn't that far of to compare them to niggers when it comes to humanistic achievements: zero.

Texas Arcane said...

I don't think the majority of the posters on this thread are bright enough to be having this conversation.

When you ask what do they have to show for their time, that's easy.


Name one substantial find in Europe or anywhere else attributed to Homo Sapiens before 38,000 years. Chances are you are citing yet another reference to some misappropriation of a Neanderthal innovation even if you think you've found one.

From the Laraux caves to the smallest tool, that's all Neanderthal work.

Homo Sapiens total accomplishments in 200,000 years = nothing.

Jacob in Hebrew means a person who takes credit for things he didn't do and rides atop the shoulders of someone he has usurped.

Homo Sapiens is credited with porn and bat guano candles. The bat guano candles were probably accidentally discovered.

Evolution is your religion and the problem is that like all zealots you don't know much about your own religion. Where in evolutionary theory is there any support for the winnarz being smarter or "more better" than the species they displace? Are viruses then superior to humans? What about tapeworms and ass mites? They're the winnarz too. You do the work, they eat the benefits. Is that how evolution works?

Murder and rapine have nothing to do with who is the "bestest" when one side outnumbers the other a thousand to one. All the lower animals outbreed humans by a substantial margin. Humans by being smaller, weaker, lower calorie requirements and eating carbs (often weeds) and breeding like rabbits are not evolutionary "advancements" any more than tuberculosis or herpes.

Texas Arcane said...

Here's another bestest race that is profligate. Remember they are the winnarz.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:35 AM

You're FAIL just like every other Darwin fundie. I guess the hordes of turd-world immigrants that take over Europe and European populations are "superior" somehow in your little nut sized brain that has learned to judge everything in terms of quantity and not quality. Get a clue, sapiens moron.

Anonymous said...

Although I can't see the link with surviving a post-nuclear war future, I do find this Neo discussion interesting.

I do also have a couple of counter-points for you Tex:

1) Although the Homo Sapiens obviously ending up breeding in much greater numbers, initially the Neos were the established, large population across Europe, and the Saps were a small band of newcomers from Africa. A violent displacement of the Neos is only one theory for their extinction, but if it did go down this way, the Saps would have had to have had succeed and multiply very rapidly to accomplish this

2) I actually think that the Neos (Mousterian) culture was less advanced than the Saps (Aurignacian) culture that co-existed. The Neos tools were prodominently crude flint flakes - the same time, Saps were creating fine blades and bladelets from prepared flint cores and pieces of art (see the Venus of Hohle Fels).

Texas Arcane said...

This is why only Mousterian artifacts are ever produced in the media. It is like trying to figure out ancient Rome by only looking at Greek remnants.

The Mousterians were 300,000 years earlier and at that time had advanced so far beyond Homo Sapiens there is no comparison. They cannot compare, however, with the Amuds 300 millennia later, who are the actual Neanderthals we killed and displaced.

Sapiens has such an inferiority complex he can only even speak about the Neanderthals by referring to their distant ancestors 300,000 years ago. Apparently that is how far back he has to go for them to no longer feel threatening to him.

Unfortunately, those Neanderthals are not the ones we killed and displaced in Europe, although by some indications the three types of Neanderthals in Europe persisted nearly up to modern times.

Anonymous said...

"Homo Sapiens total accomplishments in 200,000 years = nothing."

Wrong. We built everything you see around you. We evolved, unlike erectus, neanderthal and all other failed evolutionary links that went under and ceased to exist. We left the caves.

To compare us to pussy whipped simians who were extinct before getting out of their caves is ludicrous.

Anonymous said...

"Sapiens has such an inferiority complex he can only even speak about the Neanderthals by referring to their distant ancestors 300,000 years ago. Apparently that is how far back he has to go for them to no longer feel threatening to him."

Whaa? I feel as threatened by them as I feel threatened by dodos and tasmanian wolves. They were extinct by their own ineptitude thousands of years ago. Same as many other fascinating dead darwinian links that had to go before men became men.

Btw, love how you speak of "sapiens" as if you didn't belong. Do you believe you are an alien from outer space or something of the sort? Tell me, I am quite curious.

Anonymous said...

30.000 years is a long time Tex. Let's say I agree with you that back then homo sapiens was the inferior breed and succeeded by pure chance of environment and numbers.

Wouldn't it be fair to say that since then we have evolved a lot? Not only by the selective pressure of nature but also because civilization itself applies certain evolutionary forces to our genetic makeup? I am sure you will reply that neo genes are responsible for that, but then how come mongoloids, amerindians and certain negroid populations achieved civilization and quite considerable technological advancements throughout history?

I don't know, something struck me in some of the idiotic comments above. I can't help but agree that if your neos were so intelligent they would have left a better legacy for their very long existence. Sharpening stones and making flutes is a job fit for any modern day special needs kid, it is not impressive at all and it doesn't compare to the achievements of both modern and ancient men.

- Greenbean

Texas Arcane said...

Greenbean -

Thanks for posting some serious counterarguments and not just air-guitar riffs.

Here is the way I understand it, from all my reading on the subject.

The Neanderthal people had several qualities, many of them antithetical to one another.

1. They were wildly, maniacally creative. Their camps are a pool of thousands of crayon pigments and paints. We're talking seriously deranged creativity, like is often seen today in many of their descendants. Yet there is little evidence they transmitted any schools of art as formal practice. Again, where regimentation and rote would have done much to simply transfer practices from one generation to another, the Neanderthals just didn't appear to bother. Every new creative artist tended to start his cultural practice from scratch.

2. The Neanderthals had a huge problem in that all of them individually were so bright that it was difficult to find people to do the grunt work. There was never a shortage of manbots with Homo Sapiens. Neanderthals probably dodged and procrastinated the boring work whenever they could, passing it around like a hot potato. We see this too in the haphazardness of their quarters, clearly designed to maximize their time having fun and doing interesting things and minimize time spent sweeping, cleaning and organizing. Sapiens spears are lined up in parallel columns. Neanderthals threw 'em into a corner. This huge difference paints a picture of the traditional Neanderthal as very similar to nearly all the high IQ people you will ever know.

3. The regimentation and mindlessness of Sapiens is apparent in so many of their camps and remains. Huge areas were not walked on in the camp for what seem to be thousands of years. By contrast, Neanderthals tramped everywhere and left footprints in the mud on everything. The robot-like, vacuous quality would have been terrifying to the Neanderthals combined with their spearchucking prowess and huge overwhelming numbers. It is easy to see why Neanderthal kept trying to retreat, higher into the mountains and then onto adjacent lands.

4. The majority of all the human progress you described is vastly overrated by most modern people, who don't understand most of the technology they take for granted anyway. Nearly all human progress takes place during warfare, when the Sapiens psychopaths seek out the Neanderthal hybrid weirdos and make them work on bombs, weapons and implements with which to kill their enemies. When Homo Sapiens is not in a state of warfare he tends to be fairly useless and always goes into decline without that active stimulus weighing on him. Most everything we celebrate today like the internet, solid state electronics and engineering are largely a product of the Cold War which was not always bloodless and lasted more than forty years. The internet, despite all the denials you have ever heard to the contrary by sheeple, was in fact simply a communications network designed to survive a nuclear war.

5. Sapiens is a warlike creature who lives to shed blood. This was always an advantage over Neanderthal, who was interested in a lot of other things besides killing and invading. I'm sure you can see at some point that this bloodthirsty nature having led to sufficient progress becomes then self-defeating. I understand Homo Sapiens as a boom-bust cycle creature who (far from "advancing" in evolutionary terms) has been steadily losing the extra brain mass he got from Neanderthals for the past 20,000 years. Long term, Homo Sapiens is really a nowhere creature going nowhere. Western Civ really only peaked about fifty years ago and is headed back to turd sandwiches and baby cannibalism already. Judging by current performance, Sapiens is far too mixed up a creature to have much of a future at all. He is his own worst enemy and has failure built-in to his design. I suggest not doing too many high-fives over Sapiens.

Anonymous said...

Fair enough and I can find it in myself to agree with many of your points. By your own admonition though, you do some injustice when you credit neo genetic traces for most of the good in us. If I understand correctly, it is your theory that neos were uncapable of passing along knowledge and tradition and that is why they never advanced beyond cave dwelling. If it is true I have to say this is a very crippling and inhuman characteristic.

Preserving knowledge and valuing tradition(specially the moral and religious ones) are two of the greatest human qualities, even though they sometimes hold us back in the form of erroneous dogmas. Don't you agree that a population of morons who are wise enough to value such things will prosper faster and better than a population of geniuses who behave erraticaly and throw away the work of their forefathers as soon as they are old enough to? Maybe on those terms, the defeat of neanderthals was fair game as far as biological merit is concerned?

Maybe it is a mix of these two types of men that produces true genius and human valor? A pure neo living nowadays, at least as you present these hominids, would invariably be a deadbeat, an atheist, an underachiever unable to complete any work, a revolutionary and a violent dissenter of all things established. Like every man who discards the past and who cares little for preserving and improving upon the achievements of his forefathers, he would have a brightless and Godless future. Maybe, just maybe, the demise of such hominids and the preserving of just the right part of them was as good as God's will can get.

- Greenbean

Anonymous said...

"The internet, despite all the denials you have ever heard to the contrary by sheeple, was in fact simply a communications network designed to survive a nuclear war"

This is just wrong - all the school texts I've seen do describe the origin of the Internet as being motivated by the threat of nuclear war.

Who is denying this? The anonymous "sheeple"? Can you point to anyone who has actually denied this?

Anonymous said...

Tex, I think you're just projecting your idealised image of yourself onto this long-extinct hominid, because of your hatred and contempt for the vast majority of modern humans alive today.

Texas Arcane said...


I agree with the majority of what you just said.

The Neanderthals were the smarter race. They may in fact have been a little too smart and too independent to be considered balanced in the long term struggle for existence. Neanderthals would've endured a long time without Sapiens, Sapiens would have never achieved much of anything without his genes. You would find that most cutting edge anthropologists would agree with me but probably not go on the record as having conceded this.

Anonymous said...

If they have never gone on record, how do you know they would agree with you?

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