Friday, March 30, 2012

Cure For Cancer : Cat Out Of The Bag?!?!?

A lot of evidence supports this DCA as being the magic bullet that does the job!

Cheap, unpatented, widely available! Less side effects reported than drinking a lot of carrot juice!

Make sure this goes viral! Tell everyone you know about it. They can't bury this one in the back room if it gets wide enough exposure.

Also pay attention to the conclusions about what cancer really is and what starts it ... Otto Warburg won a Nobel Prize for discovering what caused cancer back in the mid 1940's ... cells don't get enough oxygen and switch to sugar as an energy source. Isn't it disgusting that the "cancer foundations" have been sucking in billions over the past sixty years and never seemed to stumble across a conclusion that was already arrived at before World War II? Suspect their motives yet?

You have to read quite a bit before you find out just what a cash cow the chemo and radiation really are. There's never been any evidence they worked but the patient is always welcome to a full refund. Unfortunately using these "therapies" is a death sentence. There are doctors who plan their retirements around cancer patients and schedule their exodus out of the field based on the timelines for death.

Medicine is a racket and doctors KILL people everyday. Modern medicine in many cases is nothing but legalized murder you can't be prosecuted for.

Just imagine what a wonderful world this could be without these miserable, rotten sonofabitches running it. Think about what kind of wretch decides he'd rather have a steady stream of sick people to maintain his standard of living rather than see people well. I think they need to exclude people nowadays from the medical profession if they exhibit a desire to go into it. That's how you'd keep the riff-raff out.

Anecdotally, since I read Otto Warburg's papers last year, I have a routine I follow each night before going to sleep. After my niacin overdose wears off and I start to feel drowsy, I drink a freshly ozonated bottle of chilled water right before I go to bed. All I can say is, I think it is working. I have been adhering to this schedule since around February 2011 and I am convinced it has been restoring a lot of capacity to me.


Anonymous said...

mr T

Bingo; had this in a patient newsletter Jan '07. Legit; lotsa good studies @ U of Alberta. Only side effects are due to change in energy/ATP metabolism, easily managed with B-plex dosage at same time as admin of the DCA.

Check out the anti-tubulin, mebendazole. Very promising. Effective, safe. No side-effects. It literally prevents meiosis in rapidly replicating cells, so it's method of action is complimentary.

Good Day, Herr Polymath


Anonymous said...

This very old Tex, there have been many videos and articles and back in 2008 even Glenn Beck made a story about it on his show and interviewed Michelakis. The medical industry suppressed the whole thing, guess why.

Anonymous said...

Also GC-maf :

READ THE COMMENTS, the article is crap. I don't know if this works, but the vitamin D link, cytotosis etc. sure looks important. This may be why cancer patients should stop eating sugar as well.

Also note that there may be a subset of humanity that is immune to cancer :


Anonymous said...

My gut tells me this is pure unadulterated BS. There has never been a single example of any "lifesaving" supplement, herb, vitamin, chemical, drug that has EVER turned out to be the magic cure for cancer. This is simply not true and if the Canadian college actually believes this then I can only assume they are confused or ignorant. This will turn out to be useless and probably cause a million people to waste their time and money chasing a dream.

Texas Arcane said...

5:54 PM

You know we always appreciate your input here, Moshe, and we also like to see you meet your quota for sites posted to. Every man is entitled to the dignity of work and we're glad we could help you earn a wage.

Anonymous said...

March 30, 2012 9:29 PM

They love closed systems that result in stagnation, with them rationing "limited resources" and profiting from rules they invent and enforce.

Yet Whites are the only race that consistently disrupt their plans. We break out of their closed systems and put open systems in their place:

When given "useless desert", we find a way to turn sand into silicon.

So we don't need them at all, yet they can't exist without us and they know it. That's why they hate us.

Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.

Texas Arcane said...

They need to believe in the narcisstic myth that they are innately superior by reason of birth.

The reality is that without nepotism, professional terrorism and general suppression they cannot sustain that mythology if they permit a meritocracy. A meritocracy would reveal that others are often much better at many things they don't even seem to be good at to any degree.

They have to close off the system to prevent good ideas or better ideas from making inroads into what they think should be a controlled market that benefits them alone. There is no better example of this gangsterism than in medicine.

Anonymous said...

Wow ! ... Anon 5:54 ! ....

Better to leave ones' mouth closed and be presumed an Idiot than to open it and remove all doubt

I look forward to your discussion of the electron transport chain as it pertains to mitochondrial ATP synthesis, the apototic sequelae of carcinomatous tissue energy reversion to norm, and incorporate the coordinated effects of sunlight on deactivating cAMP as an immunomodulatory mechanism ....

Or not

But hey ! .. stay stoopid

Ciao gavnoyed


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

We melonheads created cancer. It's our way of culling the population of the slave race of sapiens.

We also invented chia pets. It started out as a treatment for baldness -- we melonheads go bald -- but when that didn't work we passed on the R&D costs to those sucker sapiens by selling them chia pets.

Anonymous said...

Wow! anon 7:45 AM. How ironic. You have to learn tho think critically. Where is the evidence that this cures cancer? Has this kind of scam ever occurred before (think laetrile). In fact it happens all the time and NEVER turns out to be true. So my advice to you is go ahead and waste your time and money and good luck. Isn't survival of the fittest a bitch?

Anonymous said...

If there were a real cure for cancer, what happened to Steve Jobs?

AIDS, of course, but what about real celebrity billionaire cancer deaths?