Friday, March 23, 2012

Brief, Concise Chart of Food Storage Life

This chart at the end is really good - covers most of the staples and shows you the real story on how long food will last instead of the legally calculated safe life.

Stored correctly many bulk foods can last decades.


Anonymous said...

Great link!

What is it about honey that does this?

Food "Life Sustaining" Shelf-Life
Estimates (In Years)

Honey, Salt and Sugar Indefinitely

I wonder if food will last indefinitely, if it is saturated with honey?

Ted Walther said...

Sugar is a potent poison.

Anonymous said...

Honey is a preservative itself. In ancient times it was sometimes used to preserve the bodies of dead "greats" or nobles.

It won't stop everything though, even if it will help considerably compared to the naked food in many cases. Salt and sugar are long-used preservatives too and you can smother food in either to increase shelf life.