Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Bolshevist Coup II Now Complete

For the past 80 years Americans have chastised the Germans and Russians as cowards who did nothing to stop tyrants from seizing power in their countries. Of course, this simply isn't true. The White Army in Russia fought tooth-and-nail against the Bolshevists to the last bullet. Many germans died for their opposition to Hitler.

In comparison, the complete Bolshevist takeover of the United States and the effective destruction of the rule of law has happened so silently and so absent of any opposing voices that the Kwanstain has to be regarded as the most cowardly, doltish race of submissive sheep that historians will ever have the misfortune to record in their books. A nation of 300 million people put under the jackboot with the stroke of a pen and nary a single elected representative has even raised his voice.

The 'Stain is a sad, contemptible sumphole full of slack-jawed halfwits which has now come to a very bad, very dismal conclusion. Not with a bang, but a whimper. In the end, every country gets the government at last that they deserve.

The putrid 'Stain is now disbanded and assigned as yet another turpid colony plantation for the NWO, to serve up their sons and tax revenues to world government. Note that where the Constitution has been overriden to say the tyrants no longer need consult Congress to declare war, at the same time diplomacy has been forbidden without "consulting Congress" ... the strangest inversion of values since the United States was founded.


Anonymous said...

President McCain would have done just the same.

With the browning of the 'kwa, it becomes increasingly difficult to elect a neoconservative. But maybe the Establishment will just give the right amount of press coverage in order to elect Romney. We'll see.

With the Kenyan in charge, gun and ammo sales have gone up. That is the positive thing that his Presidency has given.

Anonymous said...

the people of that landmass are too used to speaking of concepts that are utterly meaningless ie republican, democrat, treason, congress, right/left wing, voting, freedom, democracy, etc etc.

none of these words have any value attached to them whatsoever. none. nothing. zero. all are false concepts and fanciful notions that americans have swimming around in their fluoridated little minds.

the 'country' often referred to as america is a vassal state to foreign banking interests. a 'nation' of useful idiots for fighting other peoples wars, and the necessary slave infrastructure to keep those revenues flowing.

slaves, idiots, cowards and imbeciles just like australians, but it's not all bad, for without them the war and banking folks would have to work for living.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Anybody who knows these things intimately will tell you quite correctly the main reason that assured you ended up in one of Hitler's concentrations camps was because you were a known Bolshevist sympathizer. As much as Hitler wasn't a fan of the western plutocracies his loathing of Bolshevism and the 'Internationalist' leadership running it was clearly spelled out a full decade before he took over Germany in an election which saw the communist party nearly come to power.

Seeing as how the western plutocracies turned out to be just that, run by that same group of so called 'Internationalists' maybe the Germans weren't so dumb after all.

Anonymous said...

This country is just plain fukked. The evan-jelly-culls have helped to march the sheep to the drum over the cliff.

Anonymous said...

But yr not winnarz, beyeeeootch, you don't drink Brawndo