Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Amazingly Brilliant Insight Into Civilization

Somebody linked to this in the comments. I read it and was astonished. I have had almost all these ideas before but did not know how to express them in such a simple metaphor. Very relevant to what is happening right now. Defectors are running the whole show.

When you realize the sheeple are being culled by super-predators, what do you think the long-term outcome will be? Increased cooporation and solidarity amongst the in-group to counter the out-group. It is inevitable if that group does not run out of sacrificial offerings and cease to exist first. This is how the beany babies got that way.

The actions of a parasite are almost doing the host species a favor, gradually refining it until it is either extinct or acquires immunity to said parasite. Right now, obviously, there is a lot of refining going on. You may have guys on the sidelines like me marveling at how easy it is to kill them off but perhaps that very ease is proof they were not very well adapted to the problem of survival first. Any animal that cannot protect it's own offspring and fight invasion from competing groups is not really viable. It is practically putting them out of their misery. For all the caterwauling you may hear from my sort, there is a kind of good to be found in all of this. There are a lot of people gone completely soft in the head in the Western world. These kinds of people were never going to split the atom and in fact a surfeit of them was contributing to suppression of far healthier types. Once they had critical mass they were lowering standards in all walks of life.

Looked at from this perspective, it is a part of the preconditions of existence. Hard to absorb and a bitter pill but nonetheless.


Anonymous said...

I think that's just a statement to the effect that groups need clearly defined enemies to function properly.

You can see the same problem in our ruling elites. They ceased functioning well once they killed off the last of their real enemies (Hitler).

Anonymous said...

And because it's humans, this competition is often non-lethal which is a novel situation. The birth control situation is also interesting because, in the short term, it means that the population numbers are decreasing because so much prior reproduction was a largely involuntary act. Which means that the next generation of people is going to be selected for wanting to reproduce. What kind of person wants to reproduce?

Anonymous said...

Utterly worthless and pretentious bullshit.

This blathering idiot starts from the false premise that the entire human experience is the sum of how well one responds to his instincts. Skinnerian nonsense.

He then proceeds to become an apologist of schemers and psychopathic supervilains claiming the world would be worse without them because they keep the lesser villains in check and that this somehow would allow the "Cooperators" to re-emerge and begin a new cycle ad infinitum.

Here's the flaw in his model:

When the collapse of such structures occurs it creates the false impression than mankind has made a great leap forward in intelligence. Nothing like this of course has happened. It's just that the people of an era which has managed to put certain delusions behind are apt to be so dazzled by that event that they will fail to see what the authors have in mind for the sequel.

Anonymous said...

Keeping in mind that the success of the gene as an operating unit depends on its ability to create additional reproductive units, versus "survival" over periods of time of the host units. It doesn't matter if you have kids if your kids don't have kids. After an incredibly low number of generations, a gene can be found in a majority of individuals within its geographic boundaries which are determined by a number of variables well outside of the ability of the gene to significantly alter. It's all going according to plan.

Rowan said...

A reader posted this article in your last post:

"the Red Deer Cave people survived until relatively recently. Some of the newly described fossils are just 11,500 years old"

Assuming our offspring survive it's very likely they'll evolve into different hominids. I'm going for cold adapted killing machine, are you sure Australia is such a good choice? I mean look at the '60,000' year old natives.

Texas Arcane said...

I was watching Jack Nicholson in the Jimmy Hoffa biofilm last night on cable and thinking about the bizarre interplay between the unions, the state and the mob. It was hard to tell where the bigger crooks were but easy to see that had any of them dominated it would have been a worse situation for all concerned.

All three organizations were full of corrupt scum who spent so much time fighting one another that ordinary people were spared a bit of their madness. It seemed relevant to this article.

Texas Arcane said...

Remember, it is not how we would like the world to work or how it should work, it is about how it really does work. When you get older you stop being repulsed by the fact it is all a doomed mess because of human nature.

As I said, right now the defectors are actually in the leadership position, ruling the society of from atop its throat, whilst actually holding citizenship in another country where their real loyalties lie. That is the ultimate defector archetype. They reap all the benefits and count on the rubes to keep working for what they think is their own society.

Remember, the only way we could get into this mess would be nearly limitless corruption in our own ranks and a willingness to sell out your own kind at the drop of a dime. The other side kicked ass because they understand simple in-group loyalty.

Anonymous said...

There are no "sides" in genetics.

Anonymous said...

Meh. The Joker or trickster role & archetype is nothing new - mythology, literature and various arts were exploring this long before the Batman vigilante archetype was reinvented.

Here's a basic wiki primer...

Texas Arcane said...

Anon 9:56

A complete misunderstanding at the most fundamental level of what genetics are. Without "sides" there would be no genes and no lifeforms at all. How is it that advocates of Darwinism understand their own science so poorly?

Listen, there's no need to quote me pithy little soundbites off public broadcasting. I own a television at home, I can get it direct from the source.

Anonymous said...

I mean from a gene's point of view.

The Pilgrim said...

The argument is that the Joker will unify the cooperators, but will he not also unify the defectors? After all, the defectors--if they are in any way intelligent and self-aware--recognize that the cooperators are their meal ticket, and will therefore seek to protect them if they are threatened.

In a way, I could see this leading to a symbiotic, balanced relationship between the defectors and the cooperators...IF the Joker actually exists. But what if the Joker is simply a made-up boogie man? Or, the Joker is real, but his threat to the cooperators has been greatly exagerated to increase dependance upon the defectors.

Also, there must be a presumption implicit in the relationship that the defectors are actually better at protection than are the cooperators themselves (unlikely, given the nature of the two groups). If it turns out the defectors are completely inept at defense, their entire premise for existence within this system collapses.

So imagined Jokers like Osama, Saddam and Kony are propped up by the State, in order to perpetuate the myth that the scum in charge can actually protect their flock.

The defectors, through their media monopoly (a monopoly gained out of necessity, and is achieved and sought by those who most require it for their survival, much like the State itself) emphasize their successes against these imagined Jokers, while the REAL Jokers are left to the cooperators to handle (most often in the form of nature herself--the government's complete failure to handle natural disasters time and time again would be a clear indication to the cooperators that their defector masters are would think. But it just goes to show the power of brainwashing that such events are flushed down the memory hole).

In this way, the defectors achieve their ends: to reap the benefits while not having to actually help in production of said benefits. One might presume that defectors choose to be defectors; I think it is more accurate to say that they are simply worthless, sub-standard specimans, without any useful skills or discernable talents--in other words defectors are defective. In a free-market system their worthlessness would result in their demise, so they naturally gravitate toward establishing a Marxist regime, where incompetence is not readily punished, but is disguised by a system of borrowing and debt whose effects will not become apparent until decades after the fact--by which time history has already been re-written by the defectors.

Anonymous said...

The defectors can't unify; the numbers of their ranks are limited by the numbers of cooperators, so any alliance will be short lived as resource shortages drive defectors to fight amongst themselves. There should also be borderline people that can operate in either milieu who switch over as the need presents itself based on UNCONSCIOUS cues. Remember that these behaviors aren't the type that would be governed by the rational brain.

Anonymous said...

"They reap all the benefits and count on the rubes to keep working for what they think is their own society."

They let the occasional fake RINO conservative like GWB in power to make them believe they still have a stake in it. It was quite useful in order to get the patriotic peasantry to serve as cannon fodder and supporters of the Zionist empire.

Limbaugh, Faux News are just safety valves to let the cooperators have their "Two Minutes of Hate" and let off a little bit of steam. And if that fails, then false front white supremacist bloggers and websites will be there to act as informers at the behest of the system.

I'm just the Joker who preaches a politically nihilistic strategy of reelecting the Kenyan Marxist. The hegemony of the chosenites has caused them to have hubris and become flabby. I say we keep feeding their hubris and encourage them to continue to destroy the society.

I've believed for a long time that the white West needs to be burned down so that from it's ashes, it can rise again.

"To those human beings who are of any concern to me I wish suffering, desolation, sickness, ill-treatment, indignities - I wish that they should not remain unfamiliar with profound self-contempt, the torture of self-mistrust, the wretchedness of the vanquished: I have no pity for them, because I wish them the only thing that can prove today whether one is worth anything or not - that one endures." -- Nietzsche

"A father's last duty towards his children is to try and kill them." -- my best friend told me this. It is perfectly logical, here is why:

If the child can survive their father's onslaugth, then they will be ready for the hardships of the world. If they do not, then they will be spared the hardship they cannot survive. It is a rite of passage or a work of mercy. You must put your children to a test prior to letting them loose in the world.

The Pilgrim said...

"The defectors can't unify"

That's a silly thing to say considering they very clearly HAVE unified.

That their uneasy alliances are inevitably short-lived is not in dispute. Just like all scavengers, when the meat is plentiful they'll get along just fine; when the corpses have been picked clean, that's when the back-stabbing and internal struggles will commence.

ALL human beings are capable of being defectors, cooperators, or Jokers. It is rarely--if ever--a conscious decision. People will do whatever is in their best interests for survival; and those who do not will be naturally selected out of the genepool.

As a defector, survival depends upon somehow being completely unproductive and superfluous, while at the same time convincing those you rely on for support that they are actually the ones who need you. The role of the Joker is to expose this lie for what it is.

That's why the article makes the argument that the hero Batman is actually inadvertanly keeping the defectors from being exposed, by doing the job the defectors are supposed to be doing for them. If the Joker were allowed to freely create mayham, all the hollow, unsubstantiated lies of the defectors' "protection" scheme would be exposed in such a blatant way that even the most sheeply of sheeple would get wise to it and the cooperators would solidify and circle the wagons--instead of always waiting around for a Batman or Superman to come save them from their collective misery.

This is why the defectors not only prop-up imagined Jokers, but must also prop-up imagined Batmans. And just like Commissioner Gordon, only they ever have access to the Bat Signal.

Texas Arcane said...

Incredibly well put, Pilgrim.

I suspect a lot of posters on this blog never actually click through and read any of the links. If they do, they scan the headline then come back here to post a sneering comment about something they didn't quite examine closely enough to understand.

I am old enough and have seen enough of the world to know that the Joker is in fact necessary. Without them, all systems become hopelessly decadent and depraved because no straight thing can be cut from the timber of mankind. As you pointed out, it is only a matter of time before the defectors/Jerry Lewis types come to outnumber the Dean Martin type straight men.

In our society, nobody laughs harder nowadays than the sober minds talking resolutely about what is important in life. Everybody considers such people to be suckers for thinking the game is not rigger. That's why there is so much admirations for gangsters, criminals, shysters and freeloaders in the general society. People instinctively know they are coming up aces playing the few remaining straight men for cash. The reason people admire the crooks is because they themselves are crooked, lazy and stupid by nature. It takes a lot of organization by the cooporators to make them play fair and such systems are easily dismantled by way-cool frauds, loafers and losers with simple ridicule.