Friday, February 10, 2012

You See, The Facts Are Wrong, Because They Always Portray The Neanderthals As Being A Race of Geniuses

Yes, the evidence is the problem, it doesn't conform to our vanity. Everybody knows that all the men who are missing from the Earth now are inferior to us, that's why they are dead because we are the winnarz.

Here a bunch of bipeds with 1200cc brains argue over the merits of men with 1800cc brains. They decide they all just got "lucky."

Remember, when any artwork you find at random from a race of men seems to have some intrinsic quality that the Sapiens mind is incapable of even reproducing, that means that the artwork must be either fake or else drawn by a Sapiens who demonstrated a greater flair for style and abstraction than any of the greatest masters of Europe ever produced. This is scienmagistics in action. Despite appearing to be a simple critter who loves spectator sports, beer and farting with no soul, in reality Sapiens is a really deep and reflective creature who has just been going through a creative dry spell for 180,000 years. All he needs is an affirmative action program and paid school lunches and he will be Neanderthal's equal.

Go here to see a real-time tour of a series of cave murals drawn by a race of men where even the children were Monets and Rembrandts.

P.S. Look at all the fully modern horses in the paintings, the product of domestication and animal husbandry - by Abel, the herder. The orthodoxy, in addition to trying to claim until recently that Neanderthals didn't even know how to light fires (!) (Most sophisticated kilns ever found over a century ago!) have been attempting to claim that Cro Magnon, (a giant dope who could probably barely jerk off without a six week seminar) was responsible for "horse domestication." The only difference between Africans, Sapiens and Cro Magnons were smaller penises and less rhythm in the European flavor.


Anonymous said...

Real reason neanderthal accomplishments are downplayed is because whites are descended from them. To admit neanderthals are superior would be to admit whites are. We can't ha e that because everyone knows africans creqted civilisation and are the superior race

Anonymous said...

It makes egyptian art look like child's play.

Texas Arcane said...

Both comments above are spot on.

Think about how hilarious it is that I can condemn any non-neanderthals as morons and lord it over other whites they take pride in saying Neanderthals were no different to any other people. All they have to do is to jettison political correctness and join me. They are Neanderthals too and so is anybody worth a damn in this world. But no that would mean admitting that whites are descended from them - so I enjoy the giddy rush of claiming to be a true Neanderthal with pride.

Whites are so bound by political correctness they would never, ever admit out loud they are descended from the most amazing race of creatures that has ever existed and that they are inherently different. It is forbidden to say such a thing.

So the poor bastards have to keep pretending there was nothing special about the Neanderthal when it is so agonizingly clear that there was.

Texas Arcane said...

When you go through that live tour I linked to, you will just pick up this incredible, unbelievable love and fascination with animals, in particular the breeds they created through animal husbandry. They appeared to love and adore even cattle and deer and never tired of drawing them in different situations. It resonates so much with the white's love of pets and interest in all kinds of observation of animals that you just do not see in the other races.

This kind of love is the reason that whites have RSPCAs in their countries and other nations just don't. They don't care about such things.

Anonymous said...

I saw a news item recently about the oldest cave painting ever found. It was unique and clearly showed artistry and imagination behind it. It was said to be done by neanderthals. It was obvious this was not the first painting ever as the quality was too good to be a first. This was no finger painting. This was done by a people used to art.

Why do they still think that neanderthals were the stupid ones if they were doing these things long before sapiens? What were sapiens doing at the same time if they were so smart?

None of the archaelogical record or evidence makes sense unless you look at it through the frame of neanderthals actually being the first and prime thinkers of that era and not the sapiens. They have twisted and tortured the record to make it fit their wrong view up to now and it still looks a mess.

Texas Arcane said...

I forgot to add to the above :

You will notice none of the murals ever dwell on killing or slaughtering the animals.

They just enjoyed the hell out of drawing them at leisure.

Anonymous said...

they are lying to us about felt good to look at that

Anonymous said...

icebreaker viktor surorov off topic but everything ties in to the lies they feed us

njartist said...

I was taught in Art History class that these painting were so far underground that fires could not be lit in the caves lest the cave painters asphyxiated; they had to build scaffolding and paint these images using torches which did not permit them to see the entire images at once.

This limited light source was used by my prof to reason out that these images were preplanned and drawn according to rules: the way Japanese and Chinese artists were instructed in the way to draw and paint in traditional canons - recipes if you will. He further reasoned from this systematic form of representation that the "cave" society had already in place the master-apprentice system of instruction for art; the Venus of Willendorf (sp?) was further proof as this form stretches from France to China; and that incomplete venus' sculptures have been found demonstrating a systematic process of creation.

The prof also pointed out that these so-called primitives knew quite well how to portray complex ideas in visual form: goddesses versus priestesses of the same goddess, dead versus living, etc.

What I have always wanted to know is if these "primitives" knew how to bind together hides to make clothing, then surely they knew how to bind together hides to make shelters. I think that those who dwelt in caves were a small portion of the population. I am also willing to go out on limb and say these cave dwellers were - for the most part - the "priesthood" of that society.

Anonymous said...

"Look at all the fully modern horses in the paintings, the product of domestication and animal husbandry"

The shading on the bull makes it look 3D. Pretty impressive compared to the flat cave art found in other parts of the world.

Texas Arcane said...

Don't know if this sounds strange but there is a certain sweetness in everything the Neanderthals did. In some ways, they lacked the genes for the real "mean" we see in the other races of men. It's not that they weren't incredibly tough and strong but that also at some level they lacked the sort of nastiness that typifies so many of the dead-end strains of mankind. It wasn't in them. I think even at the end they would have regretted killing others except in self-defense or to keep them out.

I just imagine that sweet, sort of childlike dreamy quality coming into contact with a race of zombie spearchucker brothers from Africa who outnumbered them 10,000-to-one and you want to weep.

Ghostwriter said...

Good and very true stuff. That part about the NEOs being ancient a mesmerizing thought and soooo logical if indeed they were somehow superior. And i have been thinking about the fact that only us White ppl really love animals, we basically even sacrifice our lives for wild beast´s. Now that indeed is one more way how we are Absolutely supreme on this planet and it´s also our biggest weakness. But i didnt think of these murals, thats a downright clairvoyant thought, embarrassed i didnt think of that myself.

Anonymous said...

I don't see any reference to Lloyd Pye's work at your website.

Is this intentional, as his work seems to disprove many of your comments about neanderthal intelligence?

Texas Arcane said...

Lloyd Pye has ceased to be of any relevance in this discussion.

Even Eric Trinkhaus is only doing well if you judge him by academic standards. In absolute terms he is pretty confused as well. He should be ashamed with direct access to a lot of these fossils and correlating information.

It must be frustrating for academics to spend their lives sipping cappuccinos and gathering credentials to know that complete amateurs are responsible for nearly every single scientific advance in world history of any value.

Texas Arcane said...


You will find that LLoyd Pye and most new agers just take the orthodoxy and add a twist. They still can't really "think." They just find some small point of contention and pretend it distinguishes them from the mainstream. Pye makes thousands of assumptions in his writings that he got secondhand. If he'd only take sufficient interest in these things to really study up on them he would have discovered that the evidence never supported the conclusions.

Pye (like almost everybody else) has heard the Neanderthals described as inferior so many times he just accepted it as a fait accompli when only a little real curiosity would have served him very well.

I knew people in New York twenty years ago who suggested to me that the Neanderthal was nothing like what had been suggested so I think this was well within the means of Lloyd Pye and many like him to discover on their own.

The problem with guys like Pye is that they build an entire theory around an assertion they have never bothered to question. This is the reason they will never be able to understand anything.

Texas Arcane said...

Somebody was writing me recently about how Lascaux paintings seem to exaggerate scales deliberately, not by accident. There is a tendency if you look closely at all Neanderthal work towards absurdity and that is one of the highest and most abstract forms of humor. Habve you ever wondered why nerds and people with severe Aspergers have such a good sense of the absurd? Maybe this was a basic part of Neanderthal makeup.

In the curse of Humbaba in the Epic of Gilgames, the demon Humbaba says that the Enkidu have always been such a comical race that the "gods" could never really take them seriously. It was only when Enkidu told Gilgamesh how to defeat the demon that the "gods" then realized that the Enkidu were the most dangerous race of them all.

Anonymous said...

Hey Tex,

At a dinner I was able to speak with a genetic researcher (friend of a friend), who's at the med center for the U that Erik Trinkaus is at.

Anyhow, had to ask a few questions about Trinkaus, Neanderthals, etc., with other questions. Short point answers:

1 He was not immediately familiar with Trinkaus (big U, and having arrived from overseas this year).

2. Neanderthals in Europe, Near East well before the latest out-of-Africa exodus (per genetic analyses).

3. Europeans, have the Neanderthal genetic components (as a very general rule, per genetic analysis).

4. There is much wider genetic variation within present-day Africans' genetics, than within the African component of the genetics of Non-Africans. (Something akin to a small-set made the exodus(s)).

5. Europeans in general: [genetically] "You are much more closely related to a Chinese than to an African.]

6. 22,000 genes on the human genome. (Which is much less than the number of proteins encoded by it.) A much larger segment of the human genome than that is the unused or unknown DNA.

7. He verified for me that the Neanderthal genome has been either wholly or partially sequenced. He said the researchers did face a technical challenge and that the Neanderthal DNA was extracted from surviving teeth.

8. He said that the human DNA each of us receives at birth, for each of us, actually carries a pretty high percentage of legacy-virus DNA that has been accumulated through uncounted previous generations (through our preceding species). There is therefore a question of what should be definition of 'human' DNA.

9. He was going into mitochondrial DNA, but the conversation broke up.

Texas Arcane said...

I'm only a layman and have read every single monograph by Trinkhaus. Tell your friend he needs to buckle down and study harder if he is going to excel in his profession.

Anonymous said...

Of course I was interested to ask Neanderthal related questions. Probably not his specialty; seems he is working more on viruses and such, but I queued him into Erik Trinkaus. He'll be here for several years, but has only just arrived in 2011.