Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Vault-OS : Load Testing On Messaging Queue

I integrated this spectacular messaging API into the ASP.NET web server and I have it loaded in the background doing message passing. I wrote a little demo and have had ten instances of it running on the concurrent thread. I just wanted to see if it could handle a serious number of daemons at the same time.

The file mapping IOStream was faster than the Mailslots on the same machine and performance was superb with it mapped into the virtual memory space. (That's where Windows pretends it is a file when in fact it is being referenced from RAM, making it asynchronous for all participating clients. This same mechanism is supported in Linux and FreeBSD.)

I have taken a stab at the horizontal ticker tape marquee and had it printing a series of messages from the server in real time, it looks pretty good. I worked on this last year but back then I was running it off mailslots.

So I'm up to my proof of concept in ASP.NET one week after going off my ANSI C version. I'd say I'm doing good for end of February.

I do have to adjust the requirements for plug-in daemons. It looks now like they would best be implemented as complementary programs in .NET 2.0 instead of a scripting language. I will probably write a daemon for all the major protocols so almost all the notable ones will be supported in Vault-OS in short order.


Sam said...

Please bear with my stupid questions. I looked at the VOS page and it said it ran on DOS. Can it run on FreeDOS-32?
Only reason I'm asking is it's small and they state, "FreeDOS-32 (or fd32 for short) is an open source operating system under development, primarily targeted towards embedded systems and real-time applications."
Small to me means less opportunity for errors.
Earlier you talks about interfacing sensors such as Seismometers. Does this mean you plan to pass signals from sensors to be displayed or will it only pass a state. Such as (My sensor senses something or something has switched state, open close etc.)?
Thanks for the hard work it is appreciated.

P.S. If the melonheads were so smart...where are they? Were they killed off? Do you think they still exist on Earth or in this solar system?

Texas Arcane said...

The version I was working on in January was being debugged on Win32 but supposed to port to DOS (including FreeDOS) with a couple compile switches and a packet driver.

I am going to finish this embedded ASP.NET server version I am working on for end of February, then go back and finish the ANSI C version for the explicit purpose of running it from DOS.

You are right, the simpler the OS the less that can go wrong. DOS is just short of sitting on top of a raw memory space.

If you ever wonder what in the hell is going on in the world right now - yes, the melonheads have gone nowhere. Their heads are a little less melony and they have a few mannerisms they have picked up to try to pass for regular people. They look a little better from interbreeding with the lower classes and have learned a lot more about fitting in until such time as they can once again walk about in the open as masters.

Texas Arcane said...

A melonhead, by the way, is not a man from another dimension or outer space and they have no supernatural powers unless you consider lying a supernatural power. They are flesh and blood people, part of a cognitive elite who have generally run the world going back possibly a million years. They are the sons of Cain and do not display many mammalian qualities, hence the reason they are often called "reptilians." They are not lizards, they are cold people motivated by power who have little empathy, especially for those not of their tribe.

A melonhead is a part of an upper elite who display larger brains and higher native intelligence than regular people. Other than that, they crap with their pants down and get sick and are subject to all the other limitations the rest of us are. For now. Once they get their way, genetic medicine will be reserved for them alone and the rest can take an aspirin.

Sam said...

melonheads=sociopaths? or maybe sociopaths part melonhead?
I have a theory that Jews are a tribe of sociopaths. Their behavior and the writing that they try to keep to themselves seem to glorify the traits attributed to sociopaths. Not saying all Jews are sociopaths just a lot more than normal empathic populations.
Wonder how much raw processing brain power is lost to empathy? Without it could the average person gain 10 or 15 IQ points? Just a thought.

Texas Arcane said...

Which "Jewish" people?

There are the Askenaz (95% of world population of people who claim to be "Jewish") and there are Sephardics.

Sephardics were living in a somewhat spectacularly peaceful fashion in Palestine for 800 years alongside their neighbors in the Middle East without a hint of pogrom. In fact, Caliphates used to hurl insults at one another suggesting they had not properly seen to the safety of Sephardic Jews living in their kingdoms which they believed proved Allah was unfavorable to them.

The first thing the Ashkenaz did shortly after securing Israel was to put all the Sephardics on schoolbuses and test the effects of harsh radiation on them by subjecting them to gamma rays. They caused innumerable cases of cancer and hair loss and extremely miserable deaths.

Sephardics are widely acknowledged to be true Hebrews, children of Abraham. Ashkenaz used to think it was the world's best kept secret they came from converted mongols in Europe called the Khazars. Not any more. They like to think nobody knows this but nearly everybody does.

The most important thing you can know about the Khazars is that they worshipped a fallen angel who appeared to them as a serpent of light. 400 years before they "converted" to Judaism, they believed this serpent was their father and that when his kingdom returned they would all rule over the other races with him.

Hebrews of course, would never have accepted the conversion of such people until they had clearly rejected these doctrines. There is no reliable record that ever said they actually rejected this pagan religion. Their king simply decided they would be able to make maximum advantage of pretending to be "Jewish" and declared all his subjects to be "converted." There was nothing to indicate this conversion was genuine and there is no evidence of any Hebrew ancestry whatsoever for the Khazars, meaning their claim to the land in the name of Abraham is entirely without merit. There is no evidence, especially genetic, they are descended from Abraham.

Texas Arcane said...

What is really ironic is that before the Khazars displaced them, the Sephardics had already begun to occupy the land that was promised to Abraham, peacefully, over the course of a thousand years without a hint of bloodshed. All the Sephardics had to do was to keep making babies and they would almost certainly have inherited these lands by simply coming to live on them ... without causing World War III or running over people with bulldozers or provoking people to blow themselves up with C4 to try to stop them. Sephardics were never resented and this land never, ever knew "antisemitism" as in Europe that the Khazars claim they were "persecuted" in. The Khazars continued to follow Europeans around during a thousand year period in which they could have moved to Israel any time they wanted to if they had simply been as the Sephardics. Nobody would have even tried to stop them.

The Irgun gang opened the "migration" begun by the Balfour Declaration by poisoning wells, machine gunning villages and running over children, which they apparently were very proud of. Rahm Emanuel brags about it to this day and is very proud of his father's rapine, murder and terrorism. When the Palestinians resisted, they were said to be "anti-semitic" like the populations in Europe was accused of. Not wanting to be machine gunned means you are a bad person, apparently.

Sam said...

That makes perfect sense. I've lately had problems with Christianity because of the complete, with no caveats, support of Israel. Understanding that the Sephardic behavior is not the same as the Ashkenaz gives me some relief. Thanks for the explanation.

Texas Arcane said...

There is a truly ironic story about Carlos the Jackal, a man whose father owned Jaffa citrus, one of the largest citrus companies in all the Middle East. His father frequently told Carlos when he was younger that the Middle East was blessed with the presence of Jews because they were superb at making opportunities out of thin air. His father credited much of the penetration of the world's market by his citrus crops as the work of Sephardic jews who had helped him reach out and make business contacts very far away he might not have otherwise been able to sell to. The whole region benefited in jobs and prosperity and Carlos father told him many times that they should say a prayer for the Jewish people each night thanking Allah that he had gifted them with such wise, prudent and shrewd men for neighbors.

Later, when the Ashkenaz began the "migration" they stole Jaffa Citrus at gunpoint and forced Carlos and his entire family into exile. They did not pay one dollar for the business. Carlos became a terrorist and dedicated his life to wreaking revenge on Israel. His father died of a broken heart, penniless and disillusioned. Carlos to his last breath insisted that these new "Jews" were nothing like the people he had grown up with and said a prayer for each night for his entire life. He believed that they were European Mongols seizing land in the Middle East pretending to be the chosen people.

Koanic said...

Holy shit. I'm 1/8 Ashkenaz. This is unwelcome news.

Guess I'll have to modify my primary koan set, from

"Half murdered ghost, half doomed idiot," to "Half murdered ghost, half doomed viper."

That should better enable access to my psychopathic reservoirs. I expect it will be adaptive.

I'm looking forward to being vicious.

By the way, the bit about being a night watchman is sooo spot on. And a highly useful framework - it removes a lot of guilt regarding bedtime.

Anonymous said...

Hi Cleve, what do you think of these?