Sunday, February 26, 2012

Vault-OS : Assembly of Hydro Rack Underway

Hydro Racking

My former rack was so rusted I didn't think it was recoverable, so I started on a new one. This one is going to get a very heavy coat of rubber sealant when it is done.

The PVC pipes there have to be flushed with sodium lye solution to off-gas the surface residues left over from their manufacture, after this they are safe to use for growing things in. They really only act as a conduit for the nutrient solution and are not the actual bed where the plants sit.

I could have purchased all these components new but I wanted this to look slapped together for the book, to show that anybody can build one of these from junk just laying around and even automate it easily if you have a copy of Vault-OS to run it.

You're probably already thinking I could maximize my surface area for growing by running another array of pipes down the back and you are right. I need to purchase some more 90mm clamps this week to bolt to the other side.


Anonymous said...

I like it tex it looks low tech and el cheapo. Count me as a customer for the book the instant it is done and I look forward to testing the 1st version of VaultOS.

Aguirre, the Wrath of God said...

I must protest. The best method by far for hydro is the hempy method. I've tried every method of indoor growing available. The hempy method is by far the most fool proof. I do believe that with thin film or true organic highly balanced dirt you can do better but not by much.
The hempy method is just a bucket with a half inch or so hole piercing the bucket at 2 inches high. More or less. Google "hempy bucket" you will get tons of links. One change I would recommend. Use fired diatomaceous earth for your grow media. NAPA sells this as oil dry cheap. You have to let up on the water a little with the D.E. a it is more absorbent like dirt. You can hand water or automate. I used a agricultural hand sprayer with a feed hose tied to a pump. The hand sprayer had a "T" connected to it with a return line to a large reservoir. You can hand water with a automatic transmission funnel. You add a long tube to the end of the funnel to keep from stooping down.