Friday, February 10, 2012

This is like That Thing Tex Was Talking About

It is difficult to imagine engineering a more horrible scenario for Europe than a new Ice Age coupled with classic demographic destabilization from multikulti.

Europe will descend into savagery if these temperatures return during the next couple of years and gradually turn colder each season. Many of the newcomers eat people during hard years back home anyway so it is likely they will adjust easily.


Anonymous said...

I see the master plan now. The shit hole deserts muhammd occupies will become feftile paradises as europe freezes over. Best to ship the goat fuckers somewhere they will die off without fuss. Absolutely briliant.

Anonymous said...

"While many in Europe were fed up with the bitter cold, residents in the Netherlands were disappointed with a slight warming in that country that resulted in a legendary ice-skating race along canals being cancelled.

"The race has not been run since 1997."

Crazy, eh? It's been too warm for the last 15 years for this ice-skating race to happen.

Anonymous said...

Shame the Elfstedentocht got cancelled. Anyway, a little winter and now we're heading for an iceage? Please,we just had the warmest january in 200 years.