Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Sun Dying, All Metrics Show Declining Outputs

In nearly every spectrum that is measurable, the sun's output is declining, with intermittent bursts of activity that are quite violent. How all this will conclude and in what way is unknowable except to say that the sun is absolutely entering a Grand Minimum.

The magnetic shield will become unstable, oscillate and then undergo massive drift or reversal. When exactly that happens, nobody knows for sure. Just the side effects from such events will stir the characteristic volcanism and tectonic activity that normally accompanies ice ages throughout the geological record.


Anonymous said...

Little cold snap is over and we're back at plus 4 degrees celcius over what would be normal this time of year. No babymeat this so called winter.

Globowarmers and ice-agers: both are full of shit


Anonymous said...

Wow, ten months in a row, eh? That's all the data that is needed to come to your dire conclusion? That's a gob of spit in the ocean, dude.

Anonymous said...

Putin says Manhattan Project Kikes, gave the Commies, suitcases loaded with nuclear secrets, during the Cold War.

Senator McCarthy was right about all of those he named and they were just the tip of the iceberg.