Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A Sewage Outlet Disguised As A Nation

You won't get it from the televitz but all anecdotal evidence seems to indicate the majority of Kwans teetering into true madness. Most of the 'Stain is doped up on either psychotropics or else conventional drugs and alcohol. You get the feeling on a good day any one of them at random is at the brink of gibbering lunacy.

This is why we have a constant stream of visitors from this garbage dump asking "Why are we so down on the Kwanstain?" They don't have any idea that anything is wrong.

Within a few short years a generation will exist in the U.S. that has never known anything but this insanity. The memory of the former things will pass away and they will enjoy the state of those who live in parts of South America - a sweet ennui and dismal oblivion that they cannot awaken from. These fantastic tales of the former country will seem like mythologies about some long lost Eden.

2012 : The Year 'Stainians Laid Down To Die In Their Fake Kosher Colony


Anonymous said...

When your leaders are this dumb, you have no hope.

Mike Huckabee - Back in Israel Again

"They hate us because, we are too White and too Krischan, but there is no room in the Republicraps, for anyone who does not grovel before Israhell."

Anonymous said...

Pat Buchanan: 300 nukes in Israel yet Iran a threat?

Anonymous said...

Nothing is wrong in the stain. They elected the choco jesus, the messiah and soon chocolate fountains will have rainbow unicorns singing Kumbaya with all the comrades and czarinas. No countries will attack the stain as the one world communitarian utopia is coming. I want to hug my kwani comrades right now.

Ghostwriter said...

I lolled at the title. What a fantastic summation.

Anonymous said...

Actually, things are pretty groovy in the U.S. right now. The economy is on the upswing.

Even better, I'm digging this ice age we're in. It's 60 degrees today!

Anonymous said...

February 22, 2012 1:41 PM

Yawn... 0/10.

You need new material. Good trolls are creative.

Anonymous said...

People knowadays often claim religion was to blame for the worst of humanity. The irony is that the authority of God was often what freed people from earthly authorities. People believed no one on Earth should act as a god, be worshipped or claim such authority as all men were equal and flawed, as the bible makes clear. It also makes it clear that they are valued and should treat each other well and fairly.

Without that backing you up you've got a free for all. People can claim supreme authority and power and there's nothing higher than them to dispute it. There are no "god given rights" any more, so they vanish like mist.

The worst in history and humanity has always been when men put themselves in front of or above God. Yes, even inside of religious frameworks. That kind of behaviour gives the worst in modern business or democracies or Nazi or Soviet systems and even in Theocratic systems where the usual oligarchy takes hold and cares more about themselves than anything else, above or below.

Anonymous said...

The globalist/melonhead scam:

First you move jobs and manufacturing to China and other peripheral/Asian countries to boost economic development and industry there while keeping the labor cost at the lowest possible.

The west in unable to compete with the rising economies due to higher labor cost caused by the high living standard of the middle class.

In order to become "competitive" a sort of great leveling is required between the developed and the developing worlds. So you create the bubbles in America and the Eurozone crisis effectively stealing the middle class' assets and reduce its standard of living while the whole process is accelerated by the rising unemployment and by enabling massive flow of illegal thirld world aliens as a means of pressure on the former affluent middle class to accept lower wages and worsening working conditions. At the same time you promote/export "democracy" in the Asian/developing countries to complement with the rise of the living conditions and the creation of a fledgling middle class .

Sam said...

Tex said,"...Most of the 'Stain is doped up on either psychotropics or else conventional drugs and alcohol. You get the feeling on a good day any one of them at random is at the brink of gibbering lunacy..."
Maybe this is a symptom of the problem. Earlier generations of Americans were raised on lard, beef, butter, saturated fats, eggs, bacon. Maybe the war on fat and the super carbodrization of all foods has driven the country crazy. A vicious cocktail of high fructose corn syrup and fluoride eating away at the body.

...Neurological problems (mood disorders, depression, panic attacks) seem to be associated with the deficiencies of DHA and EPA...

...the centenarians examined have not led the sorts of lives that doctors generally recommend. “Among our centenarians we have no athletes, no vegetarians,” Barzilai said. Thirty percent of his subjects were overweight or obese in the 1950s, and close to 30% were smokers. “We have a woman who smoked two packs a day until the age of 91. She is now 105,” he said. “What I’m saying is that they didn’t do what we tell our patients to do.”...

Texas Arcane said...

I was feeling crappy about posting to Vault-Co because it seems like I am just talking to myself, then lo and behold I logged on to check the comments and a whole host of brilliant posts up here. Makes me think I'm not the only person on Earth who feels this way.

Ditto all religion and dietary pollution.