Thursday, February 23, 2012

Ron Paul Makes Sense, Kwanstainians Baffled

The 24/7 All-Night Firing Squad needs to move these journalists to the very top of the list compilation. They are the head of the viper biting at the body politic from the inside. The Founding Fathers would not grant them a last cigarette or even a last meal.

All the loaded questions work on people with IQs between 80-120. "Are you electable?" is a front-loaded question designed to cast an impression, not to get any information from Ron Paul.


Anonymous said...

I emailed Chris Wallace a month or two ago:

Mr. Wallace,

The question is about credibility.

Do you have any?

Anonymous said...

As I was pointing out to a baby boomer neocon in an email last night, journalism in the West has become a standing joke.

Mainstream media journalism, has nothing to do with reporting the news and it never did. It is a mass mind control tool, so small numbers of super rich, can control the thoughts of the stupid masses.

They leave out important information, or they outright censor and lie, when it suits their purposes. So this is nothing but Italian style corruption.

Anyone that defends that level of corruption, are themselves, morally bankrupt.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, they just can't help themselves can they?

Ron Paul: U.S. encouraging Iran to get nuclear weapon because we threaten them

"I don't want 'em to get a weapon, but I think what we're doing is encouraging them because they feel threatened," he said.

He went on to say that the U.S. has 45 bases around the country plus submarines.

"The Iranians can't possibly attack anybody," he said. "And we're worried about the possibility of one nuclear weapon," he added. Paul continued by saying America should be worried "about the nuclear weapons that were left over from the Soviet Union" that are "still floating around."

I don't see Ron Paul encouraging anyone to get a nuclear weapon.

But reporting the news, has nothing to do with, reporting the news, now does it?

Anonymous said...

Fox News: Tucker Carlson Calls For Annihilation Of Iran

Oh yeah, lets wipe Iran off the map!

But we are the "good guys"...

Texas Arcane said...

Of course it is okay to wipe people off the map if you are the good guy. If the bad guy did it, that would be monstrous and they would be the supervillain in a James Bond movie. Luckily for us we are the good guys.

Anonymous said...

So is the consensus here that we want Iran to get nukes? We will be happy about that?

Anonymous said...

Smoothie Guzzler McCain Sides With Israeli Prime Minister Against U.S. Army Chief:

Anonymous said...

Michael Savage Freaks Out!!!!

The Jews are going insane.

Texas Arcane said...

Anon 10:37

Thanks for visiting, Moshe. Listen, have you stopped beating your wife yet?

Texas Arcane said...

I so hope Iran gets a nuclear weapon. It is the only hope of stabilizing this region.

Anonymous said...

Wow gee, I wonder why Iran wouldn't trust America and might not want to listen to their lies. Lesse now, Shah of Iran, Kwan puppet kept in power by Kwa, kept the population of Iran in check via his ruthless secret police that tortured his own people. Oh and then, Kwa's other proxy in the region, Saddam Hussein, went to war with Iran that lasted 8 years and exhausted both countries. Oh and yeah, Kwa supplied weapons to both sides, Iraq especially was given nasty biological shit.

Anyhow, Iran getting a nuke will be the best thing ever to have happened to that region since the Ottoman Empire broke up. It will force the Arab states to go nuclear as well, AND hopefully force Turkey to go nuclear too. With all those nukes around them, the zionists in Israel will finally begin feeling the heat.

Anonymous said...

February 23, 2012 10:37 PM
In a perfect world, the USA would invade Israel, since Israel has between 200 and 300 illegal nukes, will not sign the nuclear non-proliferation treaty, or allow inspections.

They fit the definition of a rogue state, with their illegal weapons, international terrorism and endless calls for attacks on their neighbors, using our Zionist controlled media.

Anonymous said...

"So is the consensus here that we want Iran to get nukes? We will be happy about that?"

The U.S. attacks any nation that doesn't have nukes. Germany (twice), Serbia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Korea, and the rest. If the U.S. has nukes, obviously everyone needs them.

Why won't the U.S. let go of its nukes if it wants a nuke free world? I think everyone would be happy to follow U.S. example. It's only the U.S. who isn't happy not to dominate as much of the fucking planet as possible.

Who else has ever gone to war from one side of the globe to another? And the U.S. does it all the time.

Anonymous said...

AUSSIE said...

If Iran builds a nuke or two the World will be a much safer place! I'd trust the Iranians with their nukes more than I trust the Kwan with theirs!

Anonymous said...


How are they keeping an earthquake secret? People who are there when it happens sort of know, you know.

Ridiculous things like this show just how willing you people are to believe in conspiracies even when common sense should tell you otherwise.

Anonymous said...

Anyone from managers of projects and teams to craftsmen and farmers will tell you that the quality of material you have to work with can change everything.

Garbage in, garbage out.

Anonymous said...

quote 2.21
Ridiculous things like this show just how willing you people are to believe in conspiracies .....
end quote

there's the 'you people' again. what about 'you' and 'your' people, what do you believe? or are beliefs of thy very own above your pay grade?