Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Right To Bear Arms Was Intended For Humans, Not Kwanstainians

With an average IQ of 96 in the 'Stain according to this year's averages, I have to agree. Such creatures should not have access to firearms. They are beasts and would be happier in a barn with a stall, fresh hay and a water trough. In fact, the entire system of government set up by the Founding Fathers would be outside of their reach. There is no point in them trying to prop up a system they no longer have the native intelligence to understand.


Anonymous said...

Hey look! It's Hannukah season in the White House, celebrated for 20 days despite the fact that it only lasts 8, because as Michelle puts it "you know. we're just extending the holiday spirit. We're stretching it out,". Yup, that must be it!

Anonymous said...

Massive troop movements in California:

Anonymous said...

It gets even worse as Americans are entering a time when they are really going to need them.

On second thought, after reading the comments under the article, they might as well be disarmed. Same story, differnt civilization.

Anonymous said...

MY Google'n skills show a 98 average.

Still too low...

Anonymous said...

How can people be so short sighted? Any kind of thought on long term issues around this would show it is not going to turn out good. They are putting the noose around their own necks.

Anonymous said...

“Common hunting, target, and self-defense ammunition would be subject to ban, along with BB’s, airgun pellets, and non-metallic ammunition like plastic airsoft pellets.”

If that is true then this is beyond insane. Airsoft and BB guns banned? Are the armored cops really worried about someone taking them out with plastic pellets safe for children to play with or tiny airgun pellets that could be outmatched by a conventional .22 gun?

They want to completely eliminate even the idea of guns from the public while at the same time they turn the police into a branch of the military and have the military itself on the streets of America.

ray said...

They are beasts and would be happier in a barn with a stall, fresh hay and a water trough.

but oh! how they breed

p.s. dont sugarcoat, i'm beginning to worry it's affecting yr health

Anonymous said...

I tend to err on the side of being pro-gun, politically.

Yes, there is the risk of many bad apples getting access to guns as a result of having gun freedoms.

Perhaps technology will solve the problem where criminal psychotics will never have access to them, and honest law-abiding citizens are allowed to be armed to the teeth with them.

Switzerland has a good working model for an armed citizenry.