Friday, February 3, 2012

The Opposite Of Everything They Said For The Past 10 Years

I'm going to give you a simple general rule you will find will serve you well in most situations when you are trying to sort fact from fiction.

If somebody tells you one thing for decades, then one morning you wake up and that person is telling you the exact opposite and they make no mention of the fact they were telling you something completely different for a long time ... that person is full of crap. Whoever it is, you shouldn't trust them. There is something wrong with them and they are not a reliable source of information.

The other one I always tell my son is ... never trust a man who has never held down a day job. It's okay if he got fired, got bored or changed careers. As long as he knows what it is to have a place he had to show up at in the morning and do some trivial, droll labor for crap wages. It builds character in a man to do these things, even if it isn't forever. This means Clinton, Bush and Obama are men who can't be trusted. If Americans followed my rule it would mean they would never have voted for any of these guys.


Anonymous said...

Tex, you've been around more and longer than me - were people always like this and everywhere you went? If I found out someone had been talking a load of BS for years and they suddenly tried to flip around and pretend they are right now and can be trusted I'd pay less attention to them than things I scrape off the bottom of my shoe.

I don't understand why the vast majority of people simply nod along and accept that someone who has been lying or wrong for years and loudly attacking all opposition (likely including his newly adopted position in the past) can just flip around like this and still be treated like a great sage of the ages and someone worth listening to.

KWJ said...

Part of it seems to be this:
Most people gain their information from the TV. Watching TV sends you into an Alpha state where you are close to hypnotised because your higher-reasoning is mostly shutdown. Makes a person much more suggestible. Since all these people are having their truth injected into them whilst their brain is zombified they pass it around to each other to reinforce it. That way none have to engage higher reasoning about things that are so hard to change (culture, politics, etc.) It is a massive exploitation of fear-of-conflict and peer-pressure which are themselves connected. Insidiously clever in a way only a charismatic-psychopath could dream up.

Anonymous said...

Great explanation, KWJ. I think you are on to something.