Tuesday, February 21, 2012

New Madrid Fault Wakes Up People in 13 States

No comment required ... except ...


Don't be scared, it is just a possible extinction event.

Besides, it is happening all over the solar system. That proves it is nothing to worry about.

Kanaga awakens in Alaska at the same time. Please keep shopping, nothing to see here folks.


Anonymous said...

Last year you had a headline: ITZ HERE!"

Ever hear of the little boy who cried wolf?

The sad thing is if the planet did undergo a cataclysmic event, you'd be gleeful at the loss of life.

Anonymous said...

"Magnitude 4.0 quakes are not uncommon along the New Madrid fault line, with about a dozen occurring over the last decade"

You're right. Nothing to see here...

Anonymous said...

For someone who has been proven consistently wrong at predicting the imminent end of civilization every week for 12 years straight now, you sure are critical of anyone who disagrees with you.

Anonymous said...

There's still nothing to see here I'm afraid!