Friday, February 10, 2012

Modern Scienmajistics Is Fraudulent

Just another Amud destroyed, removed from position and turned into a living pariah for telling the truth about something.

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Anonymous said...

I dont spend a lot of time or energy on this kind of stuff - it's too much like every other aspect of modern human life, a bunch of monkeys waving their dicks around screaming "Mine's the biggest !"

When I was a kid, I really would have liked to be a physicist - it's really some fascinating stuff, and since my IQ is basically the same as Einstein's is said to be (no shit) - I think I would have been pretty good at it. But if I have to drop to my knees and open my mouth to get my ideas accepted, I figure, why bother.

The holes in the Big Bang theory are so hard to accept, you might as well say wizards with golden magic wands created the universe. Most distant quasar really poke holes in it - you have this big bang and then this quasar forms, pumps out trillions of suns worth of energy which just happens to be pointed right at Earth but the light cant go faster than the speed of light, and the earth does not exist, so how do we see it 13 billion years later ?

Well the consensus types say, well, the universe just magically expands itself faster than the light travels and then poof the earth appears and then the light that was generated 13 billion years ago finally get here.

Uh huh. If that's the best you can do with billions of man hours of consensus science, then why bother ?

Oh and never mind the universe is 'FLAT' - i.e. if you look out from earth in any random direction you have the same density of stellar objects emitting the same amounts of energy - in ALL directions.

There is some truth in all that work, but odds are it almost certainly NOT what you are taught from the educational institutions at all levels try to propagandize you.

Here's the thing about 'consensus' when it comes to the important things - something my father told me again and again :

The majority is ALWAYS wrong.

Just think back into the history of science and that maxim becomes patently obvious - the scientific orthodoxy at any point you can possibly choose is human history was completely and totally incorrect about virtually everything they said and believed was true.

Why is this point in human history any different ?

It isn't.

- kochevnik