Saturday, February 11, 2012

Kwanstainia Will Be Much Worse Than Greece

Greece is a minor downturn compared to what is going to happen in the 'Stain.

The 'Stain has so much more debt. So much more liability. So many more assets to seize. So much more to lose. So much farther to fall. So much more that can be taken away. So much complexity to disintegrate, so many interdependencies between instruments, so many reliances on structures that are themselves falling apart.

It looks like a huge, gigantic house of cards about to do the mother of all face plants. This is going to make the Great Depression look like a mild summer downturn.

Greece was a casualty. The United States will be considered an assassination someday by people who have a historical perspective.


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Anonymous said...

Hey Tex, do you have thoughts on whether a worse is better scenario is a good or a bad thing? All of my grandparents were children during the depression, and tho all deceased, managed to live and pass on a frugal lifestyle to my parents and relatives. I know many will not survive a complete collapse of the economy, but those who have a minimum skill set of hunting, fishing, and growing might sharpen those skills in extreme conditions. Maybe a culling of the weak would be a positive thing? What are your thoughts?


I have my own doubts about my SHTF plan for survival, the fear is a good motivator to continue to learn and add to my skill set and storable food stuffs.

Anonymous said...

This article is really pathetic, every single sentence is the exact opposite of truth. I thought vault-co was better than this.