Thursday, February 2, 2012

Kwanstain Multikulti Seige - Zombie Horde

All decorum, civility and the most rudimentary social graces have gone out the window. They must have stuff and will kill to get at it. It's important stuff and they have to have it. Consumer units are actually more brain dead than zombies, come to think of it.


Anonymous said...

"All decorum, civility and the most rudimentary social graces have gone out the window."

This is what happens when you replace God with secularism. Instincts and desires are left uncontrollable to debase us, reducing us to automata. Like with fear or anger where Christianity offered forgiveness as a solution. Only possess thy self and thou shalt be no longer posssessed.

What are the only faiths the consumer unit is allowed to have and never speak against? Global Warming and the Holocaust. Pretty fitting religions for these subhuman dead-ends.

Solsys said...

Common now. Seriously. You know what you saw.

This is only for some electronic gadgets. How do you think it will look when it's going to be about food. Or water.

Even the slightest rumour of having food will trigger a desperate stampede to your place.

Of course, all houses will be "checked" (invaded, ransacked, destroyed etc.), and your AR-15 is not going to stop the tidal wave. When people are hungry, the reptilian brain takes over (the kind of reptilian who can still go on with half his limbs missing...).

Dense urban areas are going to look like this for three weeks uninterrupted, night and day, always to be heard or seen somewhere near your place. And then it's only the mixture of typhoid and cholera that is going to calm it down.

A shelter is not a bad idea.

Solsys said...

Addendum : the video is less than 2 minutes long.

From what looks like perfectly good doors to unstoppable invasion and chaos.

A lot of videos equally short show you how quickly things can unravel and get out of control ( ). When you happen to be on the toilet during these few minutes, all is lost.

This is why survivalism is merely a first step, it does not cover the whole situation.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry Tex, I am sure these same people will be waiting in orderly lines and helping each other out when the SHTF. There's no way it'll be baby meat on the menu with this team on board.

Someone should be pumping their shotguns when they see the shutters bulge like that. The zombies are hungry.

Texas Arcane said...

You have the feeling watching that of a society that knows the end is near and the people in it are just grabbing desperately at whatever they can, having lost all pretense of being human. It's a kind of carnivale atmosphere like in the L.A. Riots except it looks like the L.A. Riots is slowly changing to everywhere instead of just Los Angeles.

Anonymous said...

Tex, do you think there is a sort of "group mind"? I think there's something to the idea of genetic memory, something that lingers for generations and along with that a mind for the herd. The individual might not realise the reasons for their actions or the motivations or complex histories, but that doesn't meant that a subtle pressure on millions of people can't drive people certain ways or give them a nudge. I suspsect there's a whole range of behaviours that can only be noticed and studied over long periods of time and with very large numbers at once. Looking at one person at a time and examining them as an individual would be missing the forest for the trees. It would make sense as just as a tree evolves and develops in the forest and not a vacuum, humans have evolved and developed in the same way. It would make sense for this to have it's impact in nature shaping man. It's not much of a stretch from the accepted altruism and group behaviours already known. Nature has had a long time and can work in bigger scales than man can comprehend.

I think there's far more to this than the mainstream knows or talks about. Probably the elite types knew about this long ago as it would be to their advantage to study it and to control the stainians.

There could be a seperate group (the melonheads you mention) that are evolved to take advantage of this or have awareness and deep understanding or knowledge of it as their distinct advantage in nature's competition. Almost every niche in nature has something trying to exploit it, often many. Why not something exploiting this aspect too? Just as the shark has the remora, the human could have the melonhead. It could also be a sub set (perhaps developing distinctiveness through selective breeding choices and time) that started off as a behavioural change, a beginning of awareness of things that the average man was not (the larger picture and man's own nature and behaviour). Even something as simple as mating strategies or hunting can have distinct strategies, often the majority gain mates and hunt through normal means, while a sub set will use tricks, rape, theft, etc. These are never bred out as they have an advantage while they never get too large in numbers. Imagine that group as a sub set in humans or smarter animals. The competion in nature would mean it would need to be smart and could develop a sub species or behavioural sub set that allowed for manipulation. From that greater manipulations and awareness would be the advantage in that section and encouraged through successful mating. Those who tried their tricks and failed having had their brains splattered. A heavy selection pressure. They would be forced down this path with only smashed brains, starvation or superior - but evil - minds being their only way to success and a future. They'd have no chance of competing at the normal man/ape game as their off shoot and later dedication to thier method would have only increased the traits that made them unsuitable for it.

Eventually a creature devoted and designed for manipulation and trickery could be devleoped. Ideal leadership material in the modern world or past situations with a similar political or cultural climate.


Anonymous said...


All it would take is time. One thing we've learned is that nature has had a lot of time. The more it is studied, the more time it seems to have had to work on things. This biological development might not even be a one off or original. You could see cultural and environmental pressures cause the "melonhead" off-shoot again and again and again.

You could end up being in a feedback loop where the remnents of the last melonhead controlled phase and disaster are still lingering, the normal humans of the time let their guard down and things begin to decay. The melonheads move in and things begin to speed up. This leads to conditions for a new generation of proto-melonheads as the strict culture preventing them from cropping up or then causing harm has been eroded. The melonhead characteristics are selected from the human DNA, refining it into a purer melonhead sub species, in much the same way as selection pressure and choices can bring out the neo element.

As humans can carry on culture and DNA there might be lagging cycles following each other of culture and DNA. At one point a primarily neo culture hangover attitude suppressing the emergent melonhead in a decaying system and at the opposite of the cycle the neo being suppressed by the melonhead decedant slave culture. A ying yang effect often spoken of in myths, stories about man's nature and so on.

The countless cycles could have put in many potential species or sub spiecies into one package waiting to be brought out (by using one template all the time or by cross breeding or both by seperating and then re blending again and again). Just look at the "archaic" DNA scientists have activated in plants and animals that radically (often freakishly) altered the species. Imagine how little it would take to alter a mind and behaviour by comparison, but with such a change being hugely significant to the end result of civilization.