Friday, February 10, 2012

The Germans Have Had It With This Crap

Highest average IQs in Europe second only to the Swiss and they are fed up. The best and the brightest have patiently listened to the halfwits and knuckled under to their dopey ideas purely as a result of social engineering.

At some point, you have to draw the line. The Emperor simply has no clothes.


Anonymous said...

Oh dear, all the Arts majors will have to get real jobs, each according to his own ability.

Waiting tables, collecting rubbish bins, cleaning toilets, fry cooks, dish washers, digging ditches, etc

Anonymous said...

CPAC Rap, 2/10/12!

This is the shameful state of Conservatism in America.

White idiots pretending to be Founding Father rappers.

Rowan said...

Speak German, ordered the book. Will review.

Anonymous said...

"Waiting tables, collecting rubbish bins, cleaning toilets, fry cooks, dish washers, digging ditches, etc"

All honest work. Is there a problem with this?

There's nothing wrong with that kind of work other than the low pay.

One of the things I don't really get about this blog is how there's so much sneering, and anger, and hatred here. What's wrong with being a trashman? That's providing a needed service to others.

Texas Arcane said...

Anon 2:43

... because those same liberals have been pretending to be scientists, doctors and physicists when in fact the only jobs they ever qualified for is mopping floors. The comment was celebrating the correct allocation of labor to the people best suited to do it. The majority of all liberals are misplaced in any work outside of simple manual labor or waiting on tables. It is not that is a bad job, it is that liberals have been taking ones they do not qualify for.

Anonymous said...

February 11, 2012 2:43 AM

Arts majors/Leftists are infamous for sneering at anyone that disagrees with them in politics.

They call their opponents stupid, as well as vicious names and say we need an education - what they mean is re-education, brainwashing, in the Universities they control.

Yet no one employs Arts majors in ANY MAJOR CAPACITY, outside of Marxist governments and even then, it is "make busy" work, at executive salary levels.

So these people are riding on the backs of the populace, like parasites.

Their sole contribution to society is bullying, with their invention of new "thought crimes", scams to get more government funding and the creation of endless red tape.

So yes, "enjoy" the work I know you think is beneath you, because it is not. It is all you people are qualified for.

And I am not sneering at the work. I am sneering at YOU.

I don't like people like you and I don't want to live in a country, with people like you.

Anonymous said...

You have a rather myopic viewpoint, Tex. All liberals are bad and dumb hold different beliefs than they do. Brilliant reasoning there!

Texas Arcane said...

All liberals are bad because they are inherently dishonest, theatrical and disingenuous. Outside of their social engineering skills, they are not qualified to do any of these jobs. They don't have the discipline, enthusiasm or grit for physics, science and technology. For every liberal who has gotten himself planted in one of these professions he is probably keeping 1000+ better qualified people out of it, at a minimum.

These guys are not real anything. I don't like them because everything about them as human beings is fake and contrived.

As somebody once said to me, "I think I would have loved a career in academia if it hadn't been for all those damned academics."

Anonymous said...

February 11, 2012 11:21 AM

I think liberals have been described accurately here.

Stupid, arrogant, bullies, that think they have the right to rule over and live off, everyone else.

Anonymous said...

Both authors work for RWE, Germany's biggest energy provider. RWE is producing 56% of its energy with coal-fired power plants. This book is heavily biased in their favor. I advise caution while reading. It is hard to distinguish facts from lobbyist slogans.

KWJ said...

@Anon 0403

Like the global warming, Agenda 21, lobby that want to decrease the population of the earth by 80%?

Anonymous said...


It's rather like interpreting Agenda 21 as a means to get rid of 80% of the population. ;)

It is easy to twist numbers to support your point, if the others don't see the big picture (or are not interested enough to question said numbers).

In this book, for example, it is stated the temperature is stagnating (or even decreasing) over the last 8 years. This is true. But it is also true that the level of stagnation is higher than 30 or 50 years ago. If you disregard that, you get a twisted view an reality. An because of that, I advise caution while reading.