Monday, February 6, 2012

Europe Freezes, People Die Like Flies

Europe baffled after spending 20 years getting ready for global warming, leaving them virtually unprepared for winters of this severity. Their wind turbines are frozen solid, meaning their energy strategy to heat homes with electricity instead of traditional oil is just another tragic casualty of the absolute junk science of globowarmthinkery. They need to drag Michael Mann behind a snowplow naked through Belgium while starving toddlers spit hard snap loogies at him in passing. When they get to the city limits they should force him to swim the Salton Sea. With it's high saline content I am sure it will be as warm as a sauna bath from the ambient air temperature and he should have no difficulty making it to the other side.

The inhabitants of Europe will no doubt enjoy this lovely temperate spring thaw because the cold that is coming is going to make this look like the Bermuda islands in the middle of June.


Anonymous said...

Meanwhile in Texas... What happened to winter?

Rowan said...

My Grandfather used to seal the kitchen off from the rest of the house during cold snaps. He'd hang several curtains around the doors, move the table out and put the beds in. He'd put some sacks of coke (for the stove) at the other side of the kitchen so he wouldn't have to dig through the snow drifts. Of course my Grandmother would serve dinner with extra dripping (fat) all round!

Crazy old fashion common sense, I doubt it would work these days.