Friday, February 10, 2012

Did You Enjoy The "Recovery?"

Top of the rollercoaster. Hold your hands in the air. This is the big one. This is a special kind of rollercoaster. On the last hill, you go straight down, leave the rails and crater into the ground producing a gigantic mushroom cloud. Everybody scream as we go over.


Anonymous said...

Well, until the economy craters, yes, I'm enjoying the recovery.

There have been predictions of imminent economic doom since the 1960's, and probably before then but I don't go back that far.

I guess I don't know what the world is in store for. According to Tex we're going to have any day now:

- super-volcanoes erupting
- a new ice age
- a world-wide depression
- a magnetic pole reversal
- massive earthquakes
- massive harmful solar flares
- the NWO forcing people to take the number of the beast

And I'm not sure what else, other than that secret organizations are behind a lot of it, probably run by melonheads in hiding.

Anonymous said...

Gotta love it when they talk about how something might risk the "recovery" or put is "back into recession". Did these morons never look outside and notice that things have only been going downhill? Crazy people.

Anonymous said...

anon 2:57

Educate me - why exactly does your particlar type of non-perceiving, non-thinking 'human' come to this particular site ?

Is it because you think you can convince Tex and the rest of us that you must be correct ?

Do you come to gloat to dance around like a pygmy in front of a machine gun ?

It is clear that you don't think any of these disasters are even possible, so again, why come here ?

I seriously don't get it - what exactly is the attraction ? Maybe a moth to a flame ?

And the 'argument' used to convince us ?

Since 1960's I haven't had the experience of dying - so that must mean it's never gonna happen and I should definitely plan the rest of my life based on the fact that I must be immortal. That's basically the same argument as yours, with the same facts and evidence backing it up.

You don't come here for cult-like pronunciations for Tex that you can wrap your 100 IQ brain around and sleep soundly at night. You come here for giant IQ, out of this universe, worst case scenarios and factoids that should make any rational human shit their pants.

Something wicked this way comes, only a complete retard could ignore that reality - that's why the retards should stay on their own websites and stop wasting their (and our) time here.

Nothing personal.

- kochevnik

Anonymous said...

So long as I get a nice photo

Anonymous said...

"Something wicked this way comes, only a complete retard could ignore that reality"

And every generation has its cadre of prophets proclaiming doom. Surely you know that as well. What is different about Tex adding his voice to those of voices past? Nothing. It's the same tune. Only the names have changed.

I was merely ticking off the list of disasters that Tex fervently hopes for and predicts. He's been doing it for years and it never happens.

Anonymous said...

At Anonymous February 12, 2012 7:03 PM

Considering the monolith tragedies of the last century alone, the recurring crises of democracy and freedom, Tex's sensiblity of caution seems appropriate.

(which is not to even mention the approaching environmental crisis, regardless of whether you buy into globowarmthinkism or ice age lunacy theories of the nature of that crisis - coupled with current economic and potentially political upheaval.)