Monday, February 6, 2012

Decline Means Nature Makes You Do Self-Destructive Things On Purpose

In a declining civilization, all natural instincts of humans are inverted. They have a powerful, almost sexual attraction to their own deaths. Everything they do is the opposite of what makes sense. All their actions contribute to their own extinction.

Every complex society falls by it's own hand. All groups of a society work towards their own demise in the last days of any nation.

Do you think it is merely conjecture on my part when I say that this time, the melonheads made sure they would not have the same problems that they had with the Enkidu? What good would it do to rid yourself of the nuisance varmints with a biological weapon if that biological weapon would in turn someday become a problem in it's own right? Like catgut stitches, the solution would solve the problem and then fade away.

The solution was designed to solve itself. It would never exhibit syntropy.

I don't doubt you think of these things when you have a melonhead IQ. It is apparent that great foresight went into the design of Sapiens. If he had not broken ranks and taken Neanderthals for wives, he'd be squatting in a mud hut right now sucking on grubs. The only reason he was able to figure out how to rub two sticks together was on account of his stolen genetic legacy.

Alas, his basic nature does not change as a result of a few mutants in his ranks. His destiny is to return to the dirt with which he was made. His future coincides with that of the Dodo and the passenger pigeon.


Anonymous said...

Given your belief of the Neanderthals superiority wouldn't the problem have resulted from Neanderthals taking Sapien wives? The Neanderthals were stronger and smarter so they probably imposed themselves on those big breasted Sapien women.

Texas Arcane said...

Nice try for somebody who can't be bothered to look into the matter.

Alas, the evidence says quite the contrary.

How would Neanderthal males have "imposed" themselves on homo sapiens females when the males outnumbered them a thousand-to-one and the Neanderthal never left the high mountain steppes and caves to descend into the lowland valleys, being a species devoted to animal husbandry and herding? More importantly, why on earth would Neanderthal males desire the small, boyish sapiens female?

Female mitochondria tells us that around 38,000 years ago the Sapiens tribes acquired roughly 75,000 or more beautiful, statuesque Neanderthal women and bred exclusively with them for at least 4000-7000 years afterwards, essentially having tossed his own women onto the scrap heap. This is around the same time we find the bones of Neanderthal males, heavily chewed on, all over Europe in the ashes of campfires. The "big breasted" women you mentioned were all Neanderthal females. As a herding species the Neanderthals could have supported the females to nurse children for long periods of time but homo sapiens was a highly mobile animal always on the long trek. His hideous lanky toad-faced she-males would not have done well on the constant journey swinging large pendulous breasts. Chances are they were as flat as a lesbian environmentalist.

One poster tipped me off recently that the most ancient sculptures we know of, the fertility goddesses, may in fact be portrayals of captive Neanderthal women forced to wear veils. I find this extremely plausible given the antiquity of this iconic female figure.

Anonymous said...

Just one step before being incinerated inside death camps. You occupy too much space and too many beds and you leave no room for the enricher hordes and other genetic dead-ends that spent their entire life doing nothing.

Anonymous said...

Tex your post reminds me of what she says from 0:18 to 0:30 (She is the mother of Pharaoh Akhenaten).

"The delicate ones with their narrow heads".

Anonymous said...

no one has to die tomorrow is a tinfoil nexus

Anonymous said...

"no one has to die tomorrow is a tinfoil nexus"

I'm sure everyone is in awe of your excruciatingly high standards.