Saturday, February 25, 2012

"City Of London" Paying Us Frequent Visits

Our hit stats show we have an admirer in the very special place.

Remember, I am just some pariah crank who has no influence whatsoever outside of the tiny group of hardcore survivalists who visit this site on occasion. I never intend to run for office, form a political party or engage myself in attempts to gain an audience.

I am widely regarded as a hopelessly deranged blathering village idiot with some kind of severe brain damage who no reasonable person would take seriously on any subject.

Don't let the hit counter fool you, that half million figure up there is probably the same five guys bumping the tally all day long. All of us, including me, are fit for derision.

If you're keeping a logbook, please mark this site as "fringe" with "no credibility" of any kind.


Anonymous said...

A lot of people here won't understand the importance of that "City of" qualifier.

That place is like the temple and capital of New Sodom.

Anonymous said...

It is a special IP for certain members of the royal circle including the Rothchilds. If they're so smart how come they don't use an anon IP proxy?

Anonymous said...

Time to get paraniod I'd say.

Anonymous said...

Bullsh:t, I worked in "The City" for 7 years, along with 1 million other people.

Anonymous said...

"Bullsh.t" youre wrong.

You may have worked in London but I assure you that you did not have that IP when you surfed the net. London appears as london, not "city of london."

Thats a special IP for special people with their own internet connections.

Anonymous said...

February 25, 2012 10:56 PM

"If they're so smart how come they don't use an anon IP proxy?"

Arrogance. They know they are untouchable.

Anonymous said...

The other thing they call it is the Square Mile.

It seems a money lender in The City is reading Vault Co, instead of doing what he is paid to do, which is creating fake money out of thin air.

Anonymous said...

Makes you wonder how someone like that would even find this place and what their interest would be in reading it again and again if it isn't actually a whole bunch....

Anonymous said...

Tex, this is a singular opportunity. You should make a post directly addressing our reptilian overlords.

Hm, do you think they read the comments?

Anonymous said...

The UK has run out of money, but of course no rating downgrade for the paper money and banking fraud capital of the world.