Saturday, February 11, 2012

Britain Tells Elderly : Eat Sh*t And Die

British people keep getting older, working longer and harder, making less and less. The cold of a new Ice Age will kill them like flies. The Rothchilds rat wheel spins faster and faster and those who fall off are told they simply are not trying hard enough. Iceland sends care packages to British elderly like they are living in a third world country.


Rowan said...

The government is made up of psychopaths. This is no 'told you so matter' Tex. My Mother's toilet bowl has frozen because the shitty electric heating she's using is no good. I've convinced her to get a new coal/coke heater again for next winter.

I'd like to thank the Icelanders for their gift though, it is much appreciated by many struggling. White people still have great empathy.

My Nan still makes woolly jumpers and blankets. A single woollen blanket made by her can keep you warm and toasty in -20c even if you're completely naked, it's an amazing material. Shame they don't sell it in shops anymore. I'm glad my family have many such blankets.

Anonymous said...

Tex, every time I hear you talking about the winter I think of you as this guy now:

You sure that you didn't get a cameo in between preparing for ITZ? ;)

Anonymous said...

The guy said they should go back to work to combat loneliness. That's actually a good idea. It's good to feel useful and to be around others. It's not so good to sit home alone with nothing to do.

Why is everything posted on this blog so negative? You find articles that aren't negative and put a negative spin on them.

I find life enjoyable. I enjoy other people. I like to chat with the person at the grocery store checkout. It's good to take interest in others, to share stories, etc. Why insist the end of the world is coming when you don't really know any better than anyone else?

Anonymous said...

Monkey Shines

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Texas Arcane said...

I like it that despite knowing it is the British government's job, Iceland sent them sweaters anyway. It showed they don't care about why they are not doing their job they just wanted to keep people warm. Whites always overextend themselves on behalf of strangers, they are rarely forgiven for it.

Texas Arcane said...

2:47 AM

The fact you keep predicting the end of the world shows that you don't even understand what you are reading on this blog, much less hearing about what is going on in the world.

Always remember there is no such thing as the end of the world. It's probably just the end of you.

I agree with you - you should eat and be merry.

Anonymous said...

Something I'd think you'll love :


Anonymous said...

The London elite are the root of the "melonhead" psychopath types on government and banking. They established the banking systems in the City of London and spread their psychopathic diseases with their Empire. They only care about themselves and will laugh at everyone else's suffering if they even ever noticed.

The elites are draining the host body of so much now that people are dropping like flies and a country that should be wealthy and healthy is seen as a pitiful charity case to be supported, fed and clothed by tiny northern states that are smaller than many cities.

Iceland have shown themselves to be the kind of people that used to inhabit Europe. The kind of people that the world should be full of. They were also the same people who stood up to their banking crooks and refused to give them endless free money from the taxpayer. They are even making sure their constitution protects people in the future from such psychopathic vipers and parasites. These are the kind of people who used to make up America and inspired the good in the world.

No wonder the Scottish are trying to get away from the madness of London again. The northern parts are the last to be infected by the vicious madness of the melonheads (although bastions of sanity and goodness suffer in all parts of any country held by the psychopath elites, they are simply forced to remain voiceless or can only localise their efforts). The old ways linger on in these parts, as seen in Iceland. Hopefully this time they will be able to jettison the psychopaths, build a wall to keep them out and live out their existence in sanity like the Icelandic do. The UK will fly apart before long. These psychopaths cannot hold it together forever as it would take more than they have.

Anonymous said...

There's still a chance for the psychopaths to get a taste of the Earthly justice they deserve, or at least being weeded out over time. Root and branch can be torn out. The pendulum can swing the other way for a while. I think God/the universe works in mysterious ways that can't be second guessed, but if one theme seems to continue thoughout it is that we are given endless chances to repent or rebuild or be accepted into heaven, even when we don't seem to deserve it, something Tex has pointed out before. Otherwise theis whole show would have been wiped clean or pushed into the sun long, long ago.

Preparing for the worst as Tex says is simple common sense and should be done, but at the same time it's worth that shot in the dark and to try, as God helps those who help themselves. There's always a chance for repentance and a chance to heal what has been harmed. It might only change the outcome a little, but even that is worth while. Some will be saved, if they really want to be and try.

Anonymous said...

"Always remember there is no such thing as the end of the world. It's probably just the end of you."

No it is not. This life is only the beginning. If you believe in God you believe that. If you want to continue to pretend to be a man of faith, stop acting as if our petty existence should be the center of our quarrels.

Many of the ones dead in the coming chaos will have a place in heaven. You probably won't.

Anonymous said...

You're being pedantic. "End of the world" is just a way of saying "catastrophe." You know, like how you go on about how civilization is about ready to collapse, babies, the other white meat, etc.

We're talking about the same thing.

I will eat and be merry. Enjoy your Fruit Loops you have stored in your bunker!

Anonymous said...

February 11, 2012 5:59 AM
There is nothing dumber, than a dumb man who thinks he is smart.

Anonymous said...

Icelanders are fucking retarded. I am qualified to say so, being one of them. These "melonheads" you speak of run circles around them. In order to bear the watching of the domestic "news" I usually have to steel my nerves prior with a vigorous workout and 2 cold beers. It's a weekly ritual of self flagellation for me, the news. Expect the upcoming constitution to the smarmiest piece of drivel you have ever laid eyes on. I had a bad bad feeling when semielectronic system was deemed necessary for the selection of the constitutional reform committee. Pieces of paper had sufficed for all democratic processes up until then. Imagine if you will 300.000 people all of whom think they're the navel of the fucking universe. This place could have been paradise on earth. With geothermal and hydroelectric energy we could have been food exporters of great repute and fairness in prices. But no, we fly in bananas from Brazil. Instead the order of the day was porsche chayennes, flatscreen TVs and "liberation" of the womenfolk who are btw statistically indisputably the sluttiest women on the northern hemisphere. Now, should one missile pass the the strait of Hormuz, most of us will starve to death.
This shipment of woolen clothing was at best based on a very skewed notion of "fairness" and at worst a passive-aggressive gesture towards the other retarded island peoples of the Atlantic, the Britons, for the perceived slight of declaring Icelandic banking practices criminal, which they were and will remain until the missiles fly. This month a 67 year old man planted a botched bomb and some political messages behind the seat of government. That's right, 67 year old. You see, the young can't be bothered. The futures so bright they've got to wear Ray Bans, even during a winter of near total darkness.