Sunday, January 29, 2012

You Gotta Be Kidding Me

Sheldon Adelson: "The uniform that I wore in the military, unfortunately, was not an Israeli uniform, it was an American uniform."

Sole financial magnate funding the Gingrich campaign.

Er, who was stopping you from serving in the Israeli IDF instead of the American Army?

I don't comprehend this ... individual. He doesn't make any sense. Live in one country, have loyalties to another. Most people would call that bastardry of the highest order.


Anonymous said...

I agree that this is treason.

In the national climate that exists in Amerikwa today, which could be summed up as "anything goes", what can one expect?

Amerikwans are, for the most part, just plain stupid and coarse. They are illiterate, unimaginative and have not the slightest clue of what's being done to them and their birthright.

The Chosen Ones are indeed smart and clever. They have brought down Western Civilization. Bravo! Now let's see how they enjoy the consequences.

Anonymous said...

he probably knows that most americans are dumb enough to go along with it even if he blatantly spills the beans.

Anonymous said...

where do your loyalties lie, Tex? Genuinely interested. As you apparently escaped the US to live in Australia, some might say, as a refugee for a safer life. Are you an Australian citizen yet? If I recall, your wore an American uniform.

Texas Arcane said...

My loyalties are 100% to Australia first, second and third.

My service in the U.S. Army exposed me at a younger age to the dryrot than most people stateside ever saw. I knew when my military duty was over that my foolish notions of "owing" service to my country had cost me five years of my life. It had also sucked the life out of me and left me so cynical I could scarcely believe what things looked like through my new perception.

When I transferred my allegiance to Australia and became a citizen, anything but complete devotion to my adopted country is out of the question. Otherwise I'd be as crazy as Sheldon.

Anonymous said...

it's almost like Adelson is exhibiting the same qualities that khazars have been famed and reviled for for centuries.

Anonymous said...

I am as loyal to my country, as my government is loyal to my race.

Anonymous said...

Tex at 4:03 - Then you are a coward, good sir. It is easy to claim absolute loyalty to a country, person or institution when it suits you. Leaving the ship as it sinks might be the smart thing to do, but it is never the honorable one.

Countries, churches and families fall and crumble not because of the insiders who corrupt and destroy them. It is because of the ones that refuse to fight the problems and cowardly run away to become outsiders. It is because of those that refuse to believe in the common good, and instead choose to embrace cynical self-interest. Just like you and many others did.

You left America because it was crumbling, and now you curse it even though it is clear you once loved it and saw good in it. If the same happens to Australia, you will obviously also abandon it, and that makes your comment about where your current loyalties lie shameful and pathetic. You are not loyal to Australia, same way you were never loyal to the United States.

Texas Arcane said...

Anon - 8:05 AM

You're slinging slurs around calling me a "coward." Do I know who you are?

Are you a veteran? Have you ever fired a shot in anger? Or another armchair chickenhawk? I don't know who you think you are calling a "coward."

America is not a meritocracy. They have no use for a man with my kind of native intelligence. They are persona non grata. I don't know what makes you think I have to remain there and serve a nation of 300 million morons who were hostile to me from the cradle. Amerikwa today has nothing to do with the nation I was born in.

It's all well and good for you to recently realize something is seriously wrong and start canvassing for exceptional people to solve your problems. Sorry if you are having trouble finding any. I would remind you that America is mainly focused on being "cool" and doesn't really have any bright people left to speak of.

I understood something was seriously wrong 20 years ago. If you gave a rat's ass about the country you would have done the same and got out. Your last minute awakening doesn't give you any special claim to citizenship. You remain there because you didn't know better to get out when you had the chance.

I'm not an Israeli citizen and should not be expected to stay behind and maintain an Israeli colony. The Kwa is Israel's responsibility now. They control it and it's people worship them where formerly they worshipped God. It's no place for a decent human being to raise a family.

You go on and call me a coward on the internet, though. It's zero risk for you since you have not bothered to reveal your identity and I have never made any attempt to conceal mine.

Anonymous said...

A guy named "Texas Arcane" whines about real identities. Yeah right, go ahead and put your real name on the blog header then. I have no idea who you are.

Isn't Australia also a "nation of morons"? Aren't its citizens also hostile to your type "from the craddle"? Why lie to yourself and others and say that you are "100% loyal" to this new country of yours, when the truth is that you will pack your shit and leave as soon as the place is enriched? Just as you did with your last country? You probably also claimed loyalty then.

Newsflash for you, Gillard and the other vultures ruling Australia are no better then Brutha Soetoro and the country would become an israeli colony in 10 seconds if zionists wanted so.

Yes, you are a coward and a bullshitter for claiming loyalty where there is none.

Anonymous said...

February 1, 2012 8:05 AM
Nice troll. lol

A country is artificial lines drawn on a map.

A nation is "A large aggregate of people united by common descent, history, culture, or language, inhabiting a particular country or territory"

America the nation, was betrayed and murdered by its own elite, way back in 1965 and almost none of its people have complained about it.

Hell, ask any real American (White person) about it and the majority will screech naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews! lol

The real Americans (White people) are not loyal to each other, so their nation no longer exists.

America is nothing but a "social construct" now. A light breeze could blow it over.

Anonymous said...

"I would remind you that America is mainly focused on being "cool" and doesn't really have any bright people left to speak of."

They have Ron Paul and he could turn it around, if he was loyal to his race, but the real American people are too brain dead, to elect him President anyway.

If people won't help themselves, when the last best chance is offered them, there is nothing anyone can do for them.

The real American people are loyal to nothing in particular now, so America does not exist anymore. It is just artificial lines drawn on maps.

Texas Arcane said...

I would be curious to find out where you think I'd go.

This is as far south as you can go without living in Antarctica.

Anonymous said...

Joke's on you, Blakemore, when the poles shift and you're back in the North again. Are you a prophet?

Anonymous said...

Backpedaling much? It is alright to say you moved to better survive a future ice age, but you actually implied loyalty and love to your new country. The truth is that there is none such thing, right?

Anonymous said...

A man can be loyal to a new family and new people. Get married and you'll learn about that first hand. Heck, just having friends and collegues can teach you almost the same lesson if you've got half a brain to absorb it.

Loyalty works both ways. Only the dumbest of puppies keep taking a beating and come back for more with big brown loving eyes shining. When there's nothing to be loyal to then there's no reason to to stay and a man with honor can leave honourably to a new place. That is how America was founded, remember. Those people didn't spring up from the dirt. From what I've seen of Tex I'd believe 100% that he'd have been more loyal to America than the vast majority of citizens there (anyone expecting the people crashing through metal doors in stores will be loyal and decent people, even under stress?), right up until the day he left for good and made a new commitment. When the other half in that partnership starts to treat you badly, never has treated you well or forget you even exist in return for your belief in them then common sense says move on. In this case it is even worse than that as the only thing waiting for him staying would be doom. One man railing against 300 million zombies is suicide. There's nothing to be gained there. There's no reason or point to him stubbornly sitting still until his family is robbed or murdered or his children have their future stolen from him. If he did stay to battle against it at this very very late stage then at best he'd be laughed at, at worst killed or locked up.

A man defending his family and farm against invaders is loyal. A man standing before a lava flow shouting at it to go away from his farm is charcoal. There's a difference.

Marry, divorce, meet new friends, swear oaths, join partnerships or new careers. These can all lead to new and entirely sincere loyalties and changes can happen over time for honest and rational reasons.

Moving on to new relationships is not the same as being a traitor in or to the old (which is the 'stain dictatorship through and through right now).

I'd have thought this was pretty basic adult thinking.

It's easy to call people "coward" when you hide yourself, avoid any cricism or scrutiny of yourself and there's no cost, just as it is easy to claim you are loyal or critcise someone else's loyalties when it costs you nothing. That is cheap and easy and unworthy. Complaining about people who gave up trying to help decades ago at this stage only makes you look like a joke instead. If you and so many others really felt that way you'd have done something back when something could have been done to avoid the coming storm. Further than that, if so many felt like that and were good people it would never have got to that stage in the first place.

There was ample time and chances. What more could have been done? Tex tried to talk to others and warn others. He's made that clear. He was good enough to set up his site too. He could have told you nothing. Tex was never the captain of that ship. He has no reason to go down with it. If you choose to do so or find yourself stuck there with no choice as the lifeboats are gone then that's your problem and not his fault.

You have only yourself to blame at this point. Stock up on BBQ sauce. Anything will taste better with that, even the baby meat on your future menu, I bet.