Saturday, January 21, 2012

Where Will The NWO Get The Money To Rule The World After WW3?

If you've thought about the question, you've probably wondered ... where will the elites get the money to staff their occupational armies and fund their infrastructure after the third world war?
This is where. They've stashed all their stolen loot into banks that will survive and issue them credit long after you have even lost a currency to exchange. Bernanke and front men just like him have tapped off the world's treasuries and stripped their nations of all their wealth to fund the NWO when it introduces it's own regime.

This is also the reason they built the seed bank (biowarfare may corrupt existing agriculture) and have been busy putting the majority of the world's rare art and literature into underground repositories. They have been planning for a bright future - one that doesn't have you in it.


Rowan said...

Nice little video describing China's ICBM tunnel network.

Watch it all the way through and notice how to pace of construction continues to increase.

A simple blast shelter built for at least a year's occupation is within the reach of all of us this year. A modest and minor goal comparatively.

Anonymous said...

Conspiracy in plain sight is what it is.