Friday, January 6, 2012

What It Is Really All About With Ron Paul

It's about money. It's about cliques and social groups that support you and finance your lifestyle. It's about artificial industries created using tax revenues to make people think they are doing real work. It's parasites, windbags, bloodsuckers and human remora losing their meal tickets. It's swollen ticks getting buttered and pulled off with pliers.

In the unlikely event that Ron Paul ever became President it would end the wild looting spree called governance in the United States. That's why Ron Paul has opposition. Chief amongst these beneficiaries is the biggest parasite of them all and they have a core that will never tolerate cutting their feed lines.


Anonymous said...

Now there’s a Romney/Klan connection

Pat Buchanan is a racist.
Kelly Clarkson is a racist.
Ron Paul is a racist.
David Stern is a racist.
I’m a racist.
You’re a racist.

Anonymous said...

Thousands of US troops deploying to Israel


Anonymous said...

What it all boils down to is money. It's always government bureaucrats and their unionized pencil pushers who screech loudest when budgets need to be slashed.

I don't even subscribe to Ron Paul's economic policies, he just seems to be an honest broker who states his ideas. Rather than try to engage him rationally, he is blithely dismissed and ridiculed as a nut or an extremist.

The judeo-capitalist military industrial complex stands most to lose with a Paul Presidency (which is far more pacifist than Obama's). Look at any of the mainstream liberal blogs, their moderators will ban and humiliate any leftist poster who says something even remotely positive about Ron Paul's foreign policy. They do this partly because they don't want any voters to stray and possibly vote for Paul, but mostly because they want to suck up to the left establishment in the mainstream media and keep the dollars flowing their way.

It's really all about the money, if we apply Occam's Razor and look for the most simple explanation.

Anonymous said...

Documentaries of interest :

Inside Job (2008 economic crash),
Food Inc.,
King Corn.

- deadman

Anonymous said...

NYT launches smear campaign against Ron Paul and ends up falling in its own trap.

Anonymous said...

I puked while watching this: Crissan warmongering chickehawks holding a "prayer session" to wage war in the name of Jesus.